5 Reasons Why A Live Band Will Turn Your Party Into An Event

Have you ever noticed how having someone sing the National Anthem at a sporting event is so much better than just listening to a recording of the same song? A live performance really punches up whatever the event is and the same basic thing applies to a party, wedding or other celebration. Sure, you could hire a DJ. But that’s kind of like comparing karaoke to an original recording. They just don’t have the same juice. There’s something not quite there. This list will give you a closer look at what those missing elements are.

No Limits Live Band at Mardi Gras

1 – Flash and Burn

If the closest you have ever come to seeing an actual live concert amounts to a DVD player and a flat screen TV, you are in for a real treat. A live band is way more interesting. Sure, thanks to video and audio editing the concert you get to see on your TV is as close to picture perfect as can possibly be created. With bands for hire, the game changes a lot. Party bands are professional musicians minus Photoshop.

You get to see the real deal which will likely include sweat, some unexpected mechanical failures, forgotten lyrics, adlibbed lines and pretty much anything else that got cut out, deleted or erased from concert footage that may have ended up on your DVD. The sound of a live band will not only deafen you, it will make your TV speakers sound like something made by Fisher Price in comparison. After you see your first live concert, you’ll never be the same again.

Liquid Blue Live Party Band Performing in Singapore

2 – Mood Swings and Attitude

Nothing turns a casual get-together into an all-out, full-contact, head-banging rock ‘n’ roll party like having party bands as headliners. They come with a complete package that will not only fill your apartment with gear and sound they will also turn your complex into the wildest party in the state. Planning a wedding or graduation or retirement party that needs some kind of life injected into it? A live band will do all of this and more.

Got a theme for that party? There’s a live band that’ll match your 50’s, 60’s, Hawaiian, Country, or whatever celebration and will make it something worthy of headlines in the following day’s newspapers. Live bands have a way of spicing up the atmosphere faster and longer than a smoke bomb or small earth tremor. Plus, when you hire a band, you have some sort of control over the impact that will be felt.

3 – One Word: Unforgettable

Do you remember the name of the DJ who played the music at the last night you went out for drinks at the local legion? If the evening’s entertainment was coming from one of the countless bands for hire that are hovering outside of most dance venues, you would still probably have trouble remembering the name of the band but you’ll remember the name of the girl you met there. You’ll remember the name of the song you both danced your first slow dance to and you may very well likely remember the name of the bartender. You’ll probably remember that the reason why you rarely party so hard is how it makes you feel the next morning.

You’ll also have tugs at your memory related to the fact that although your actual memory of the events from the night before are a bit jumbled and deleted, you’ll feel that for some reason you had a good time. One thing you will definitely recall was the way that band rocked the place. The floor vibrated with the bouncing that was going one with a capacity crowd dancing, singing, drinking and partying until they packed up their gear and left out the back entrance. Listening to the top tunes or greatest hits on CD played by a DJ just isn’t the same – regardless of your blood alcohol content.

4 – You Can’t Touch This

Sure, you can give a DJ a list of nifty liners to use to make it sound as if he really is part of your family and just happens to be your sister’s BFF, but it won’t come off as real. With a live band, they can add as much or as little personalization to your party with interaction and a stage presence that your DJ and a foldable table can’t really touch.

When you hire a band you are hiring much more than a music machine that’ll spew out as much or as little music as your party requires. This is not a jukebox loaded up with your favorite 45s or CDs or whatever they play nowadays to keep them relevant in the age of digital music files. With a live band you are getting the whole package. Your guests, party animals and all, will feel as if the band was there all along and has been connected to their lives forever simply through the interaction they can provide directly to your party guests. Yeah, DJ’s can do that, too. Only when it comes from a live band, it’s so much cooler.

5 – Did We Mention That A Live Band Is Well…Live?

While the technology probably does exist, there is no way possible you could afford to hire a band that is actually a virtual, hologram projected onto a stage to perform at your Bat Mitzvah, I’m Finally Getting Divorced Party or whatever your excuse is to invite a few hundred of your closest casual acquaintances to. The most interesting hook that’ll come from an evening spent with a live band is that the band was in fact live and not some stupid looking inflatable or video produced “just for this occasion” because, that’s just not live. Being in the presence of a live musical act is equal parts magical and foolhardy. The best part is that when you regain your hearing 48-hours later you’ll be able to say you were actually there and so was a party band.