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For many years Green Light Booking has helped clients hire the best Atlanta party bands and Atlanta dance bands for events in Georgia. If you want to hire the best, and you’re planning a wedding, wedding reception, fundraiser, corporate event, music festival, dance party, concert, or cocktail party, you’ll want to hire a top party band from us.

Best Wedding Music Bands for GA Weddings

The best live music groups can turn dull wedding parties into unforgettable moments in the lives of the happy couple and all attending. Live party bands add energy and excitement to events in ways that pre-recorded music cannot begin to approach. With a diverse song list spanning several decades, that includes everything from today’s current radio hits to yesterday’s favorite dance tunes, our top groups play high energy music that appeals to guests of all ages, which is especially important for dance parties and receptions.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences and should be treated as such. Creating an evening of unforgettable memories is what a reception is all about, and the perfect way to make that happen is to hire a Georgia dance band that boasts exceptional vocalists and musicians, provides flashy mood lighting, and delivers a continuous flow of dance songs with a double dose of energy. In addition to Atlanta wedding bands, we also offer the country’s best and most popular cover bands that can be flown in to provide the ultimate in music entertainment. These high energy ensembles are the “go to” music groups for high-profile weddings, celebrity weddings, major corporate events, private events, and more. When discerning clients will only accept the very best, they’ll need to book a wedding band from Green Light.

Awesome Dance Bands for Atlanta Georgia Events

No matter what type of event you’re planning, if your goal is to make it a memorable one, you’ll want to hire an Atlanta dance band that knows how to rock a party. There are many decent party bands in Georgia that will provide an all-around, fun experience, but if you want your guests to be talking about the event months after it’s in the history books, if you want your event to be out-of-this-world extraordinary, be sure to get help from our experts.

There are many music options to choose from, but finding the best group can be a challenge. You certainly don’t want to end up with an inferior garage band that will ruin the party, which can be very easy to do without seeking professional help. If your event is important to you, let us help make it a roaring success.

We offer exclusive party bands and wedding bands that can’t be found anywhere else. Putting on electrifying shows that keep dance floors packed from start to finish, with audiences screaming for more at the end of the night, by providing a continuous flow of high energy dance music, and delivering hit after hit in an energized fashion, is what our groups do. If you’re planning a special event or wedding in Atlanta, Georgia, hire one of our best music groups and then get ready for the party of your life.

Please note: As the world’s most traveled wedding and event bands, our bands travel anywhere in the world to perform at corporate and wedding events. However, they aren’t based in Georgia, and therefore must travel to that location to perform at an event.