Bagpiper Arvey McFarland

5 Star ReviewWe made the BEST CHOICE in the world. Arvey lit up the sky with his wonderful pipes and talents. The FUNeral for my mom was only complete with the WONDERFUL talents of Arvey McFarland!!!!!!!!!!!!!“ – John Knecht, Son/Host, Salt Lake City, UT

The Great Highland Bagpipe has been played on special occasions for centuries – to celebrate births of children, weddings, funerals, and to rally men when fighting battles. Highland Scottish bagpipers play inspiring music produced by this noble instrument as a way of preserving and celebrating their heritage and customs. The hallmark of many important events today remains the tradition of bringing in a piper to perform this inspiring pipe music.

Bagpiper McFarland Playing the Bagpipes

Bagpipe music has a hauntingly beautiful sound which makes it a wonderful addition to funerals, weddings and other special occasions. Arvey McFarland is the master of his instrument and has become well known in the Utah area for his superb performance skills.

Piper Arvey McFarland Music Samples

As a bagpiper, Arvey adds a wonderful touch of drama, romance and emotion to wedding ceremonies, private parties, social events, corporate functions, and when celebrating the passing of a loved one. Piper McFarland is an accomplished bagpiper and easy to work with.

The Great Highland Bagpipe is traditionally used at weddings to provide processional music and at the conclusion of the ceremony to provide recessional music. The bagpipes are also a wonderful addition to the reception itself. For funerals, the piper traditionally leads the casket into the church and also performs during graveside services. At the conclusion of the service a final hymn such as Amazing Grace or The Flowers of the Forest are typically performed. For corporate events, golf tournaments, parties, and other social events, marches, reels, airs, jigs, and strathspeys are the tradition.