Pole Dancing Champion

Video: Zoraya Winning the World Championship

Zoraya – Champion Pole Dancer

In the past, pole dancing was always thought of as a form of exotic dancing, but nowadays it has become a serious sport. Some people are even trying to get it added to the Olympic schedule – and when you see Zoraya Judd perform her pole routine, you’ll understand why.

Video: Zoraya Judd on the Pole

Zoraya is a captivating pole dancer, showing her tremendous strength, flexibility, grace, beauty, and passion each and every time she performs on the pole. She won the 2010 International Pole Dancing Championship, demonstrating why she is the best the world has to offer. She offers a unique and exciting form of entertainment that everyone enjoys.

When you’re looking for high quality entertainment that’s out of the ordinary, look no further than Zoraya, pole dancing champion. Zoraya is a passionate pole dancer, and it shows with her amazing power and control. Also very apparent is her beautiful face and sculpted body, making her one of the most visually stunning pole dancers anywhere.

Pole Dancing Photo Slide Show

Zoraya’s first performance in front of a crowd produced a championship in the advanced division for the Utah Pole Competition. She has competed in competitions around the globe and even won the world title.

Zoraya travels the world performing her unique talent to amazed audiences, gaining new fans and receiving rave reviews wherever she goes. If you’re putting together an event and you want it to be something special, something that everyone will be talking about long after it’s over, it’s time to let Zoraya Judd take the pole.