Cowboy Comedy Troupe

These comedy cowboys greet your guests as they enter with a warning to “Watch out for the outlaw, Black Bart, who has been rounding up a gang of bandits in the area.” Throughout the night, Black Bart’s Gang interacts with event attendees conducting good, old fashioned hold-ups, recruiting new gang members and posing for pictures with “purdy” ladies and young whippersnappers.

All the while, the Comedy Cowboys are returning “stolen” items to innocent audience members who’ve been terrorized by the rascally, Black Bart, leading up to a hilarious and entertaining shootout with plenty of laughs and audience participation. This is comedy improv in a western setting like you’ve never experienced before.

Old West Comedy with this Funny Cowboy Troupe

There’s nothing quite like this group of cowboys to entertain at western-themed events. They’ll add life and energy to the party like very few things will. Four to ten cowboy comedians are available. The total interaction time is approximately one hour and the shootout show is about 5-10 minutes in length. When you’re looking for a cowboy improvisation comedy act, with loads of audience participation, this is what you’re after.