Dale Myrberg – Yo-Yo Grand Master

Dale’s Amazing Yo Yo Skills

Yo-Yo Grand Master

Most professionals who earn their living with physical prowess are well past their prime in their thirties. Not Dale Myrberg. At age 54, Dale won the World Championship for his expertise with the palm-sized spheroid known as a yo-yo. Through the years, Dale has earned every possible accolade for his contributions to the sport, including being inducted into the American Yo-Yo Association Hall of Fame, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, and being awarded Yo-Yo Grand Master, a distinction which only four individuals in the world have ever achieved.

Dale has performed all over the United States, Australia, Japan, and Singapore, and his suggestions to toy makers have resulted in improvements on the classic toy. He was even featured on television on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and appears in Tommy Smothers’ yo-yo instructional video.

Photo Slide Show of Dale

Dale Myrberg’s achievements are interesting, but the truly amazing thing about Dale is what he can do for YOU. As he performs a dazzling array of paddle ball, juggling, and yo-yo tricks, he speaks of the things in life that really matter. Dale Myrberg is a man who not only entertains, but motivates audiences to do just a bit better than they did the day before.

Motivational Entertainer and Yo-Yo Expert

He calls his show “One Trick at a Time” and he teaches others how to build upon their successes, one at a time, to achieve their goals. He appeals to audiences of all ages, and has appeared thousands of times at corporate seminars, fairs, festivals, charity events, libraries, and assemblies.

Do you think your life is tough? Dale Myrberg is a diabetic, suffered retinal detachment, had his gall bladder removed, needed a PFO closure to his heart, had a triple bypass, and had more than one form of cancer. He’s passionate about being proactive with health, and using modern techniques for early detection. He also demonstrates that the best way to survive health problems is through a positive mental attitude.

For Corporate Executives: Having trouble motivating your team? Dale speaks about the mentors who believed in him and showed him how to push past his limitations to eventually achieve world-class status.

For Students: Think homework is hard? Dale proves that hard things can be accomplished with patience, persistence, and perseverance.

For Seniors: Think you’re too old to reach your dreams? Dale’s life proves otherwise, and he’s not shy about letting folks know what they can do at any age.

For the Sick and Tired: Dale has experienced life-threatening health problems first-hand. He embodies positive mental attitude. He shows you how to overcome illness, meet life head-on, and win.