12 Spectacular Dance Bands That Crowds Go Crazy For

When you’re planning a party, you’ll want to hire one of Green Light’s Top 12 dance bands to make your event an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s dance music for a wedding reception, corporate event, private party, or celebrity wedding or event, we offer world-class bands for hire that know how to rock a party. Our exclusive bands are comprised of studio recording artists with many years of experience. When it comes to creating moments to remember, by pumping out a non-stop stream of high energy dance hits, nobody does it better than our top dance bands.

Video: Clips of Green Light’s Best Bands for Hire

Our best live wedding bands and party bands specialize in providing high quality music for all types of private and public events. If you’ve been searching for a dance band that offers stunning vocals, incredible musicianship, state-of-the-art sound, and eye-popping choreography, our best dance bands are just the ticket. World-class event planners who will only hire the very best for their high-end events, book our exclusive bands Party Crashers®, Liquid Blue, and No Limits. Why? Because their job depends on providing the best entertainment for their high-profile clients.

Incredible Bands to Hire for Parties

1. Party Crashers®. Playing the most popular radio hits of today, as well as the best dance tunes from decades past, Party Crashers® always rocks the party with non-stop, sizzling, high energy music. Boasting three top studio recording vocalists and a group of musicians to die for, this hot group pumps out music that can’t be beat. They seamlessly incorporate many musical styles into thrilling shows, filling dance floors all across the nation and around the globe.

2. No Limits. If you’re looking for an electrifying dance band to supply an endless stream of everyone’s favorite hits, the remarkable No Limits will not disappoint. This popular band is in high demand from coast to coast and beyond. Whether performing for prestigious events like Mardi Gras in New Orleans or multi-million dollar weddings in exotic locales, or just an intimate wedding reception or private event, this group is about as electrifying as they come. They are one of the most popular dance bands in the world.

3. Liquid Blue. The Liquid Blue band is a great choice for parties, delivering everyone’s favorite songs in a high energy show. Blending powerful vocals, exquisite musicianship, professional dancers, and on-stage flair, this is one group that knows how to pump up the energy at wedding parties, corporate functions, and private events. Enjoy all the biggest hits from decades past, as well as today’s most exciting pop hits.

4. Metro Music Club. When you want a lot of class and sophistication in a dance band, there’s nobody better than Metro Music Club. Their hip, addictive, and soulful sound is second to none. Along with today’s current chart-busting dance hits, they deliver a wide assortment of tunes from genres including pop, classic rock, funk, hip hop, R&B, reggae, and soul – something for everyone. From Katy Perry to Michael Jackson to Bruno Mars to Stevie Wonder – every song is delivered with style and passion.

5. New Soul Brigade. Playing the latest and greatest radio-friendly favorites, in addition to chart-toppers from yesterday’s legendary artists, New Soul Brigade is a hand-selected group of extremely talented singers and musicians who know how to turn humdrum parties into talked-about events. This impressive 10-piece band includes three stellar vocalists and a dynamic horn section.

6. Shades of Blue Band. You won’t find a cooler, hipper wedding dance band than the oh-so-popular Shades of Blue Band. Once their vibe starts to pulsate within your body, it’ll be impossible to keep your feet still. Get ready to wear some holes in your dancing shoes.

High Energy Music for Dance Parties and Special Events

7. Synergy. Non-stop, high energy music from start to finish. This band is the whole package, nothing but heart-pumping fun all party long, complete with sizzling dance moves and crazy-good performance skills.

8. Club Rock. This sizzling band captivates crowds with their continuous flow of high-energy music, but they simply blow them away with their electrifying, choreographed routines. This top dance band is as much fun to watch as they are to dance to.

9. Paul Cave & The Platinums. When you hire Paul Cave, you can rest assured your event will be as exciting and memorable as you could possible dream. This exciting group has performed for countless major corporate clients, private parties, weddings, and receptions, always delivering jazz, pop, and soul music, from the Golden Age of Music, that crowds just can’t get enough of.

10. Uptown Sound. The amazing Uptown Sound band is one of the most popular live dance bands in town. With three energetic singers, tremendous studio musicians, and high energy dance routines, you’re in for one fun show when you hire this powerful band. When you want to book a dance band that’ll turn your party into something unforgettable, Uptown Sound will do the job, no question about it.

11. Audio House. A live band that’s hip and trendy. If you like to dance, you’re going to love this scorcher of a band. Playing all the popular hits, Audio House is a real crowd-pleaser.

12. Chinatown. If you’re looking for dance bands that appeal to crowds of all ages, that play music from many genres including pop, country, classic rock, Disco, and Funk, as well as the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Chinatown is an excellent choice. This fun group has it all – energy, great dance music, personality, showmanship, choreography, and an 80s-like light show that adds life to parties. Great vocals, great music, and great fun for guests of all ages.

Sensational Dance Bands That Will Blow You Away

No matter where your event is being held, we can provide the best music groups in the USA and abroad. Whether you’re searching for an Orlando cover band, San Diego dance band, Aspen wedding band, or Cabo San Lucas destination wedding band, it makes no difference; you’ll find the top groups right here.

Turn your wedding day into something magical and hire one of our energetic wedding live bands. Make the most of your corporate gala by booking a top corporate party band. Or add one of the nation’s most thrilling national-caliber bands to your celebrity wedding or party and give your special guests something to cheer about. No matter what the event, we can supply you with the perfect band.

Green Light Booking offers a large selection of powerhouse bands that know how to add life and excitement to any party or event. When you’re searching for exclusive bands that are in big demand, that pump out a continuous stream of high energy tunes for weddings, corporate, and private events, that put on amazing shows that are feasts for both the ears and the eyes, that packs the floor like you can’t imagine, that routinely has crowds begging for more, it’s time you booked one of Green Light’s incredible party bands.

Our top bands deliver everyone’s favorite foot-stomping music, including today’s latest and greatest radio hits to yesteryear’s favorites. But they provide so much more than the greatest dance music you’ve ever heard. Add computer light systems, in sync dance routines, studio quality vocalists, and exciting audience interaction for the ultimate party experience for any type of event.

Whether you’re planning a casual wedding party or a concert for 50,000 people, we’ve got the perfect band for the event. Green Light Booking’s live performance bands are experts at turning ho hum dance parties into unforgettable events that guests can’t stop talking about. For the absolute best dance bands, there’s only one place you can go, and that’s Green Light Booking, home to the most incredible event bands.