DJ Becca Max – Professional Utah Disc Jockey

DJ Becca Max is one of the only professional female DJs in Utah, but she can hold her own with any of the boys. Her interactive style and energy is everything you need to make your event a success. Becca’s passion for music and entertainment shows at every corporate function, wedding, grand opening, or family party. Her expertise and care at each and every event will ensure that the day is completely unique. She’ll keep your guests entertained all night, whether she’s playing high-energy dance tracks or soft background music. DJ Becca goes “to the max” to make sure everything is perfect!

Becca was fantastic. Her music was spot-on, her crowd interaction was fun. And she was super flexible when the party showed up super early.“ – Sarah Thompson, Corporate Event, Salt Lake City, UT

Hire Utah Disc Jockey Becca for the Max Amount of Fun

Becca is well known for her capability of entertaining crowds of all ages. She’s a popular DJ in the Jewish community and specializes in Mitzvahs. Her vast knowledge of games and interactive dances is always a hit at any gig. She specializes in themed family parties and always goes above and beyond expectations to keep the party hopping!

DJ Becca Max carries tens of thousands of tunes in every genre: country, pop, rock, classical, big band, and jazz. She specializes in mainstream Top 40 as well as 80’s and Sock Hop.

DJ Specializing in Jewish Events and Themed Family Parties

She has 2 different sizes of systems to cater to any event. The smaller system consists of 15″ active speakers, EV ZLX 15. The larger system consists of 15″ passive high speakers each paired with a passive subwoofer. The highs are Yamaha C115V’s and the paired subs are Yamaha CW115’s. That system is powered with two different amps, one a Crown, the other a Crest. Along with the speakers, she has two DJ Controllers: CDJ400’s with a Pioneer DJM-400 mixer and the DDJSX Controller. She has 2 wireless microphones, one a Shure SM-58, and the other an EV. With the EV microphone receiver, she has the capability to set up a wireless lavalier, as well as a headset for a more hands-free interaction. She uses her headset when engaging the crowd in games and activities.