Fire Artists and Fire Performers

Video: Fire Artists Performing Live

Utah Fire Artists and Performers

Our amazing fire artists are the premier professional fire performers in the state of Utah. Combining fire, music, dance, acrobatics, and dazzling costumes, each performance is art and entertainment at its best. Audiences have always been fascinated by fire, and incorporating fire and flames into a unique and exciting show is always a crowd pleaser.

It went really well! I am so happy we worked with you all. The performers were great & everyone loved them. From my side, they were super easy to work with & flexible. The client was great but lots of last minute changes & I can’t tell you how great your crew was, fun & excited regardless of what was thrown their way!” – Libby Prewitt, Operations Manager, Gateway, CO

Video: Fire in the Snow Live Performance

Our skilled fire experts specialize in hula hoops, fans, fingers, poi spinning or chain spinning, staff, fire eating, fire breathing, juggling, swords, and many other fire forms and tools. If you want to ignite your special event in a very big way, hire our highly trained and experienced fire professionals.

This multi-talented group of fire eaters, breathers, jugglers, hoop professionals, twirlers, and spinners, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Their fast-paced show includes fire eaters, fire breathers, fire hula hoops, and more, in addition to fire safety instructions, appealing to all age groups.

Fire Artist Photo Slide Show

Playing with fire is usually not a good idea, but these highly trained professional fire artists put on a gripping show that audiences of all ages find fascinating – and it’s even more entertaining (and safe) than doing it yourself.

You’ll be thrilled as you watch our expert fire performers twirl balls of fire high overhead or spin burning hula hoops around their necks. These trained fire dancers and fire entertainers are just what the doctor ordered if you’re sick of trying to find the perfect entertainment for your special event.

If you want to add life to the party, discover the excitement that only fire experts can deliver – fire dancers, fire hoop artists, fire eaters, fire breathers, and more. Our professional fire specialists are highly trained in this dangerous, but thrilling art form. Give your guests something to talk about and hire our fire performance group.

For an unforgettable show filled with fire eating, fire breathing, fire dancing, and more, light up your stage with our professional fire artists. This highly entertaining fire show is something your guests will find fascinating and unforgettable.

With innovative performances and the ability to tailor shows to your individual needs, these fire shows will be the perfect fit for your corporate event or private party. We offer fire juggling, fire hula hoop, fire fingers, fire eating and breathing, and a whole lot more.

Whether you’re looking for a short 10-minute opener or a full fire show with all the trimmings, we can make it happen. Hire one or two fire experts for a small party or get the whole troupe for a larger event. Experience the thrill of fire as you’ve never experienced it before.

For one of the most entertaining event possible, hire these amazing fire professionals for your next big event. Each fire performer carries liability insurance which is adapted specifically for your performance.