Firefly – Country Pop Sensation

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The three lovely sisters that form Firefly are accomplished, first-rate musicians with a distinctive and infectious sound. Their original songs are intimate and thoughtful, fun and catchy, and always leave audiences wanting more. But if you’re into popular cover tunes from Taylor Swift and other popular artists, they’ll throw in plenty of those too.

Contemporary Country Pop

Live Firefly Country Pop Sister Trio Performance

This charming group of girls has been called the best country pop trio since the Dixie Chicks, delivering highly entertaining shows that are appreciated by audiences of all ages.

It was awesome! Could not have been better . . . it was PERFECT! We have had so much positive feedback from our people. Thank you!” – Gwen Mathys, IFA, Midway, UT

They are the real thing, an electric threesome that puts on exhilarating shows as the opening act for superstars like Carrie Underwood, Zac Brown, Leanne Rimes, Jimmy Eat World, Martina McBride, and Justin Bieber. With a combination of good looks, perkiness, musical vitality, crisp vocals, and delicious harmonies, these girls are destined for superstardom.

They are going to take the world by storm – I love Firefly!” – Lindsey Sterling, YouTube Violist Sensation

Watch your back Taylor Swift!” – Lynette Carrington, Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine

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Firefly is the best sisters group since the Dixie Chicks” – Willy D Loon, KMLE Country 108

We had more people listen to you than the other station did with 3 Nationally signed acts!“ – Ben Hartman, KMLE Country Radio, Phoenix, AZ

Firefly is captivating audiences and gaining fans by the truckload wherever they perform. But it’s not just their music that’s bringing in all of this attention, it’s their character as well. The world needs more good stuff, and that’s exactly what these girls are delivering. They appreciate the position they’re in and are working hard to be good role models and a positive influence on others.

Music Samples

The girls are fantastic musicians and the audience truly enjoyed their performance“ – Kelli Kereny, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

These sparkling personalities are not about the money or the fame. Their ultimate objective is to let their light shine brightly, bringing smiles to everyone around them through beautiful and inspirational music. If you’re looking for a clean, wholesome group to turn your event into something special, these girls are just the ticket.