Gold Mining Expert and Mountain Man

This authentic gold mining expert and mountain man will bring a taste of the Old West to your event. He brings a setup that includes three tables for panning “gold” and tells stories as he teaches the attendees to find the gems amongst the water and silt. Panning for gold is a unique experience that people enjoy and remember.

Gold Miner Setup

Up to twelve guests can participate at a time in the gold mining activity. Take-home treasures for each guest include brass nuggets and garnets or “river rubies.” Set up includes wooden fences, old fashioned quilts, and ropes.

Gold Mining Expert

This is the real deal, an authentic gold mining expert and storyteller. Give your guests a motivational and educational hands-on experience that is always entertaining and fun – an opportunity to pan for gold. Panning for gold is best done in a lighted area, but in dimly-lit areas our gold miner and mountain man will bring spotlights for additional light. Panning for “real gold” is optional, but more expensive.

Panning for Gold with the Guests