How to Boost Event Engagement

Whether it is a concert, corporate event, or even a wedding, keeping your audience engaged and involved is key to making sure everyone has a great time.

If you are putting on an event like this and are wanting to boost the overall engagement of your audience, we have a few helpful tips and tricks to taking the audience’s commitment to the next level.

Social Media

In the 21st century, one of the best overall ways to really get an audience talking and involved in an event is through social media.

Does your event big enough to have an official Twitter account or Facebook or Instagram page? This could be a great way to get more information out leading up to the event and get your audience engaging with you.

If you can’t justify creating an entire page to run your event on, having a hashtag where people can talk photos, comments, and questions is a great way to get everyone interacting with one another throughout the day or evening.

Mobile App

Putting on a music festival or some kind of small concert series that audiences have really been looking forward to? A mobile app could be the perfect addition to take your engagement to the next level.

If you have enough attendance for your event, a mobile app could be one of the coolest additions to you overall setup.

With a mobile app, you can get out pertinent alert information in a flash to all who are on it.

If you are throwing some sort of musical bash or something bigger such as a film festival, you can put detailed information on the bands or the films to better inform your audience about who or what they are seeing. This helps create a more knowledgable audience and hopefully in turn, a much more involved and excited audience.

A Girl in the Crowd at a Music Festival

Web Page

Need to get important information out to your audience beforehand or want to have them RSVP so you can have an adequate head count?

A web page may be exactly what you need.

From listing out contact info, speaker or music act details, or even ticket sales and how to pick them up, a web page is a great asset to have if you are expecting to be hosting a larger crowd.

This is also a great way to get an idea for the amount of people you will be entertaining at your event.

From having detailed ticket sale numbers for a live show to simply having an RSVP button for a smaller community event, a web page is a great way to keep track of these vital details that will help lead to a successful event.

Follow a few of these tips and see which tools work best for you and which ones don’t. One or more of them are sure to help you pull off a memorable event.