How to Host a Backyard Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an exciting and stressful process with the plethora of tasks to take care of and problems to solve.

One of the biggest things on your wedding checklist to take care of is finding a booking a wedding for your big day. If you don’t want to go for the traditional church or botanical garden look, however, there are plenty of outstanding alternatives for you to use.

If you are having a more private, intimate wedding, your backyard might be the perfect setting to make everything come together.

The Guest List

No matter how big your wedding is, narrowing your guest list down to the select few you want in attendance to celebrate with you is arguably the hardest part of putting together a wedding.

When you are confined to a backyard, however, your numbers become much smaller. If you have a dream of having 200 friends and family in attendance, this likely isn’t the venue for you.

For those who want it to be more intimate, though, making sure you cut down your guest list to a reasonable number is essential to keeping everyone comfortable and happy, including yourself.

Wedding Chairs for an Outdoor Wedding

Making the Home Presentable

No matter how many guests you are having in attendance, making the house as well as the land around it as clean and as spotless as possible is essential to making your day as perfect as you imagine it to be.

instead of having a major spring cleaning event at your home with your family and wedding party the week leading up to your big day, consider hiring an outside cleaning company to take care of it all so you can focus on other things and not stress about scrubbing everything down.

As far as the landscaping is concerned, hiring a company to take care of this as well is a great way to make sure the lawn is trimmed properly, and every other spot in the lawn and garden is in tip top shape.

Don’t wanna pay for flowers? Plant your own in the garden in advance so they are blooming beautifully by the time your wedding rolls around.

Follow the Rules

One of the most overlooked features of putting on a wedding in a backyard is whether or not you can make it happen legally. Several permits may be required in order to make everything come together how you want it, from a noise permit for the dance floor, to getting the okay from the fire department to have that many people in one spot, make sure you cover all your bases before officially deciding on this venue.

Follow these rules and ideas and you can be sure to have a breathtaking wedding in your own backyard.