Jen Marco Utah Singer

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Singer and Recording Artist

Jen Marco’s voice is a combination of beauty and brilliance that creeps into your mind as you sleep, making you wonder if it’s all just a wonderful dream. Jen’s inspiring performances are vibrant, upbeat, irresistible, and soothing. Her worldly and personal challenges have helped shape her as a person, but also as a performer, inspiring her to help others find strength and healing through music.

Jen Marco Duo: Something Blue

Whether she’s singing pop, jazz, or inspirational tunes, Jen knocks it out of the park every time – and not just with her powerhouse vocals, but with her showmanship and uncanny ability to connect with audiences in a personal way. Jen is a remarkably versatile performer, singing pop, jazz, inspirational, and other styles of music like few others can, as well as being an in-demand recording artist and speaker.

When Jen Marco auditioned to be the solo vocalist for Utah’s 2011 Stadium of Fire Choir, the director knew immediately that she was the one he was looking for – someone with “undeniably professional tone quality” who “came up with tasteful improvisations on the spot,” and who had “stage presence coming out of her ears.” These are the type of qualities needed if you’re going to command the attention of a crowd of 50,000 people – which is exactly what Jen did.

When you want to hire Jen Marco for a special event, she comes in several varieties – as a soloist singing to tracks, singing to piano accompaniment, or as a vocalist in a trio or quartet with guitar, piano, or stringed musicians. But anyway you get her, she’ll give you a vocal performance you’ll continue dreaming about long after the party is over.

Jen’s Music Samples

Jen Marco’s powerhouse vocals have been compared to Whitney Houston’s and Mariah Carey’s, but her exceptionally rich tone and inflections give this performer her own unique and memorable sound.

She is a rare talent whose vocals are a combination of emotional force and spectacular power – who commands the attention of audiences wherever she sings – who knows how to captivate, inspire, and connect with crowds in a personal and meaningful way.

Whether she’s fronting a band or singing as a soloist to piano accompaniment or recorded tracks, nobody is immune to her undeniable vocal skills and showmanship. Jen is the girl with the golden voice, a performer who can sing the dictionary and still captivate an audience, the singer you want when the success of your party is on the line.

Jen Marco Photo Slide Show

An accomplished studio recording artist and vocalist, Jen Marco has produced and recorded in more than 40 different studios in Utah. She has over 100 recordings to her credit and her voice has been heard in a number of jingles, TV commercials, exercise videos, among others.

But what Jen loves most is performing in front of live enthusiastic audiences who appreciate her vocal gifts. Whether it’s singing the National Anthem for a Utah Bee’s game, performing at Utah’s incredible City Creek Center grand opening extravaganza, wowing a crowd of over 50,000 people at the Stadium of Fire show, or singing for a small group at a private party, Jen’s stunning vocal talent and showmanship always shine through. If you’re looking for someone with extraordinary vocal talent to perform at your next special event, Jen is just the girl you’re looking for.