Jenny Oaks Baker Videos

Inspiring and Magical

Once you experience the magical musical artistry of Jenny Oaks Baker, there’s no going back – you’re hooked for good. Playing her music in the privacy of your own home is a thrill indeed, but being lucky enough to see her in person, performing exceptionally rich-textured, full-bodied pieces, is nothing short of spellbinding.

As the sounds of Jenny’s violin pierce your soul you become part of a magical musical adventure. Her irresistible music is filled with energy and spirit, drama and romance, color and surprises. She is the master of her instrument and in control of the audience. And when the show is over, you’ll be standing on your feet, begging for more. Jenny will leave an impression on you that you’ll never be able to shake, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.

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Jenny Oaks Baker demonstrates at every performance why she is one of the most beloved violinists in the country. With her flawless technique and commanding expression, Jenny delivers sound that is resonant, full-bodied, and incredibly rich-textured. Her exquisite and irresistible interpretation of song always results in enchanting musical adventures.