Joslyn – Amazing Vocalist

When Joslyn takes the stage, the songs you hear establish deep rhythms, city vibes, a voice that gives you goose bumps – real soul. And the echoing influences of Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, and Etta James are heard along the way. Joslyn’s fiery performance of the tune “Everything” drove it to #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play chart with Grammy-nominated KASKADE.

Joslyn Photo Slide Show

Incredible Pop, R&B & Soul Singer

This amazing singer knows how to take command of each pop, soul, jazz, R&B, and funk-style tune that she performs, surrendering herself to the music in a way that always delights a crowd. Joslyn also fronts Metro Music Club, one of the hottest dance bands around.

She is the epitome of what great music is all about. Her expressive and unique style along with her rich golden vocals are so powerfully delivered, she’ll capture your heart and soul in a way you never thought possible. However, this versatile performer is not just a soul artist. When it comes to jazz, pop, R&B, and funk, you won’t find anyone anywhere that will put on a more dynamic and compelling show.

Joslyn’s Music Samples

This astonishing singer delivers performances with passion and power, using her rich golden vocals and distinctive sound to captivate audiences wherever she performs. You’ll be spellbound from the second she belts out her very first note, completely hypnotized and unable to think about anything other than her amazingly powerful voice and commanding stage presence.

When it comes to classic soul music, nobody does it better than Utah’s Joslyn. The diverse sounds that are produced by this amazing singer are always a big hit with crowds. Growing up, she loved listening to legendary singers like Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin, and is now showcasing her own talents to the world just as these legends did before her.

Her full, rich, astonishing voice has been heard all over the world – from the European dance clubs to states all across the U.S.A. Her vocals compare to some of the best soulful R&B singers in history, and are powerful enough to pull emotions from deep inside the human soul. For a riveting musical experience, there is no better choice.

Joslyn is like a blast of fresh air, belting out hip, cool numbers that always captivate audiences. Whether she’s singing R&B, acoustic soul, or pop, this fabulous vocalist always commands attention with her rich, smooth voice, turning ordinary songs into extraordinary masterpieces of music.

Her voice is full of passion and raw emotion – simply irresistible – romantic and soulful to the nth degree. This gifted singer always wows crowds wherever she performs, putting everything she’s got into each and every song.

Once you hear her sing live on stage, there’s no going back – you’ll be hooked forever. If you need a serious singer to entertain at an important event, Joslyn will wow any audience with her riveting take on all styles of music. For an unforgettable musical experience, invite this rare talent to your next event.