Singers, Music, & Musicians

Great live music gets those inner juices flowing like almost nothing else, causing feelings of emotion to develop deep within the soul. Hiring the right type of singers or musicians for an event creates moments worth remembering. Green Light’s amazing live music performers are award-winning, Grammy-nominated, exceptionally talented artists that know how to put on a show and please any crowd.

Acclaimed Musicians and Singers

Grammy-nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker is a nationally-acclaimed concert violinist and best-selling recording artist. Her delightful tribute to Disney music, Wish Upon A Star, was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category and her recordings consistently chart on Billboard, with her Then Sings My Soul album hitting the number 1 spot in 2010. Jenny Oaks Baker is one of the most accomplished violinists in the country and is available to perform for special events. Also available is Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four, a music ensemble comprised of Jenny and her amazing musical children.

Emerald Electric Strings is unlike any other string quartet you’ve ever seen. With the addition of a fifth musician, a professional DJ, they can play all styles of music, providing a rich, full symphony sound that grabs everyone’s attention. Performing everything from today’s current hits to Michael Jackson’s chart toppers to elegant wedding music, this ensemble is a hit with all crowds.

The sensational vocals of David Osmond and the incredible talent of bandleader and saxophonist Caleb Chapman have turned the Osmond Chapman Orchestra into one of the most popular swing and pop bands on the planet. When you invite this swing band to the party you’re in for an unforgettable night of music made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and many other superstar performers.

The Gentlemen Trio GENTRI is comprised of three incredible tenors who deliver powerful live music performances. When you want to guarantee a classy and elegant event, this powerhouse trio always delivers.

The award-winning Crescent Super Band is about as good as you can get. Playing contemporary pop hits as well as classic tunes from the American Songbook, this fresh, vibrant band recently wowed critics and audience alike as the headlining entertainment at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Classy and talented Lounge 40 provides a wide variety of classic, easy-listening music from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, and Rihanna. Sophisticated and elegant – this is the kind of music that adds romance and life to wedding receptions, private parties, corporate events, dinner and cocktail parties.

The Osmonds Second Generation has performed for enthusiastic sell-out crowds all over the world and have appeared on countless TV shows including MTV, Good Morning America, and Live with Regis and Kathy Lee. David Osmond was a featured singer on American Idol and just released his debut pop CD, while brother Nathan has many number 1 hits on the Indie Country Charts.

From the moment Lani walks on stage the electricity in the air is almost palpable, and a magical sensation envelopes the audience, letting them know that something extraordinary is about to take place. From her amazing three-octave range to her wonderfully funny impersonations of Celine Dion, Beyonce, Tina Turner, and Britney Spears, it’s very clear why acclaimed singer Lani Misalucha is in hot demand all over the world.

Fly Me to the Moon is an outstanding group of award-winning musicians, and features one of the hottest singers in the country. Until you’ve heard the incredible voice of Isaac in a live performance, you’ll never know what perfection is.

High-energy boy band Beyond 5 is best known for their stellar vocal chops, but when you add in their infectious dance moves and magnetic personalities, you won’t find a better entertainment group anywhere on the planet. Live music performances don’t get much better than this.

Hip jazz group Savoy Live plays an infectiously colorful and unique blend of jazz, swing, and Big Band music unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This phenomenal group has wowed audiences worldwide with their hip, cool sounds.

More Popular Music Options

The World-acclaimed Aaron Ashton Band is filled with award-winning musicians that play Gypsy jazz, Americana, folk, and Eastern European-style music like you’ve never heard before. When it comes to traditional folk and gypsy jazz, nobody does it better. Fusion Trio adds a touch of sophistication to wedding ceremonies and receptions, dinners, banquets, corporate events, music festivals, and parties. Featuring Grammy-nominated musicians, you’re in for an exquisite evening of classical, Broadway and Pop music.

For the ultimate in soft music, Vibe Duo is a great choice. Performing crowd favorites in the genres of contemporary pop, jazz, and classic hits, music never sounded so romantic as it does coming from this wonderful vibraphone and piano duo.

Sensational Eclipse A Cappella is one of the most talented singing groups anywhere. Once you see them perform their own unique style of live music you’ll think you’ve been lied to – they use no musical instruments, but create explosive sounds, driving percussions, and rhythmic bass sounds with only their vocal skills. These talented singers put on a fabulously entertaining show for crowds of all ages.

R&B, soul, and pop singer Ryan Innes is just like the R&B greats of yesterday – Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Ray Charles. Ryan delivers his unique style of soul music with such energy, emotion and passion, he holds audiences captive and won’t let them go. Ryan is a remarkably gifted singer and songwriter, always putting everything’s he’s got into his live music performances and making new friends wherever he sings.

Award-winning singer and piano man Rich Wyman has worked with some of the biggest names in the world of music. He has played to crowds in excess of 350,000 and has two top 40 hits to his credit. He’s a mesmerizing performer that’s ready to make your event something special with his incredible musical skills.

More Great Music Performers

Country pop trio Firefly is a shooting star, turning the country music world on its ear with their catchy and infectious original country pop tunes, classic good looks, and wholesome appeal. They have opened for some of the biggest names in the business – stars like Martina McBride, Zac Brown, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. This talented female trio turns ordinary parties into much talked-about live music events.

The One Voice Children’s Choir is a large group of talented young Utah singers that perform music to inspire and uplift. This nationally-acclaimed choir has won many awards and wowed audiences the world over with their beautiful angelic voices.

Enchanting pop singer Margie dazzles audiences with her angelic voice and riveting pop style. Once she takes the stage she is in total command of every tune as she surrenders herself to the moment. If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar singer with serious chops, Margie is your girl.

The Name Droppers Band is a smaller, yet more stylish and softer version than our high-voltage, powerhouse bands. They still play great songs from today’s top 40 as well as yesterday’s pop, rock, Motown, Latin, and country hits, but they play them with more of a jazzy easy-listening sound. Name Droppers is great for weddings, parties, and other special events, but their live music also makes great background music.

Professional Guitarists

Guitarist Eric Anthony is not only magic on the guitar, but adds gritty, rich vocals that are always appreciated by even the most discriminating of audiences.

Utah’s best double neck guitar player has displayed his incredible skills to amazed audiences all over the world. His fingering is so quick it’s like getting two phenomenal guitar players for the price of one. You won’t find another musician anywhere that can romance the guitar strings like this stunning dual neck guitarist.

World-renowned classical guitarist Austin Weyand is one of the finest guitarists in Utah with a specialty in live performance. This multi-award-winning guitar player has delighted crowds everywhere with his flawless technique and stylish arrangements of pop, jazz, classical, Celtic, bluegrass, swing, classical, and rock music. Austin is great entertainment for all types of events.

Amazing classical guitarist Michael Lucarelli is a world-renowned classical guitarist whose music has touched people all over the world. He applies his remarkable skills and passion to carefully selected pieces from the Beatles to the classics, and transforms them into fine works of art. With fresh, original interpretations and a considerable amount of skill, it’s easy to understand why Michael is in such great demand for weddings and special events.

Master guitarist and vocalist Daryl Stevenett is a hot commodity. When it comes to the “It” factor, Daryl has it in spades. This unique and highly talented Utah guitarist and vocalist is engrossing to watch and brings a passion that’s irresistible. When you want your live music entertainment to provide a combination of exceptional musicianship and vocals, Daryl is your man.

Guitarist and singer Mahi is just as smooth with his vocals as he is with his guitar skills. He’s a classy addition to weddings and receptions, cocktail hours, dinners, and wherever sophisticated background music and ambiance is needed.

Guitar master Kristen Bromley is a fine guitarist that plays classical, pop, blues, jazz, country and other styles. She’s friendly, dependable, easy to work with, and delivers quality music for all types of events

Classical guitarist Gabino Flores is another exceptionally fine musician who is one of Utah’s favorites, providing high quality music for weddings, anniversaries, corporate and private parties, birthdays, and other special occasions.

More Popular Singers and Musicians

America’s pop sweethearts the Pink Stilettos is a pop singing sensation comprised of three beautiful sisters who know how to showcase their musical talent. With their dazzling outfits, tight choreography, sparkling smiles, crisp vocals, and original hit tunes, they are a feast for the ears and the eyes. They’ve got it all!

Scandinavian folk trio Julussa is a talented group of musicians that play traditional Norwegian and Celtic folk music as well as a fine brand of bluegrass. Their unique and beautiful music is largely attributable to the mesmerizing sounds of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. This wonderful trio has delighted audiences all over the world with their original and magical take on traditional folk music.

Singing sensation Jen Marco combines a brilliant voice with dazzling showmanship and vibrant music to deliver performances that are inspirational and exciting. She is a versatile performer whose powerhouse vocals breathe life and excitement into all types of live music events.

Soprano duo Bella Sorella is an award-winning soprano ensemble that combines contemporary and classical music spanning seven languages and more than 300 years. Nova and Susanna Jiménez have earned well-deserved acclaim and recognition throughout the world with their celestial tones, engaging stage presence, dazzling gowns, and sparkling personalities. Remarkable Bella Sorella is a perfect live music choice for performing arts centers, concerts, and elegant corporate events.

Although most of the artists listed above are native Utah musicians, they perform to enthusiastic audiences all across the country and internationally. Live music adds magic to all types of events. Our Utah live music options are perfect for weddings, receptions, festivals, fairs, corporate events, performing arts centers, private parties, and just about everywhere else.