Maddie Wilson #1 on the Country Charts

Maddie Wilson is a fast-rising country singer who just hit number 1 on the Indie Country Charts with Skirts, a catchy tune that tells the story of a redneck boy marrying a city girl. Skirts, this soulful teenager’s first release, has caught fire and can be heard on radio stations all across the United States and the world.

Country Pop Singing Sensation

Portrait Photo of Wilson

Her hit song Skirts was selected for the upcoming hits CD of New Music Weekly and the Independent Music Network featured her in a show that was syndicated to radio stations all across the globe. But Maddie is no one-hit wonder. She has had multiple hits, including Summer Times and Mistie Girl, and her meteoric rise is showing no signs of stopping.

Maddie was GREAT and the audience LOVED her.” – Dana Robinson, Zermatt Resort, Midway, Utah

Thanks again for everything. It was a fantastic show and everyone loved it.” – Connie Taylor, Traverse Mountain, Lehi, UT

It’s not often that a young teenager gains so much attention at such a young age in the ultra-competitive country music business. Maddie’s video cover of Carrie’s new tune Good Girl was posted on Carrie Underwood Facebook with Carrie’s team saying “we love this cover.” The hit TV show X Factor sent her a personal invitation to audition for season two, but she turned them down, having confidence that she will be able to control her own country music destiny.

Music Samples From Maddie

Maddie Wilson is gaining new YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook fans by the thousands as she continues to release addictive songs and videos. Everyone is going crazy for Maddie and her music. But the true genius of Maddie lies not in her captivating videos, but deep in her soul and in her ability to create melodies and lyrics that belie her young age. This country superstar-in-the-making is so much more than just a pretty face who sings catchy tunes. Sure, she’s a beautiful young girl who has won many singing contests, but her talent goes way deeper than that.

She is also an accomplished musician, songwriter, and entertainer, creating and performing her own music with a unique soulful country singing style, hypnotizing audiences wherever she sings. Her heavenly vocals have been described as producing a “sugar rush to the brain.”

Maddie Wilson Photo Slide Show

Maddie regularly performs at concerts, fairs, festivals, and other types of events, and always puts on an entertaining show. She is backed up by a talented band that includes the phenomenal Brady Bills (lead guitar and backup vocals), Talia Wilson (fiddle and backup vocals), Tom Hall (keyboard), Andrew Burton (bass), and Andrew Tolman (drums). Be sure to book Maddie Wilson early to avoid disappointment.