Margie: Vocals and Guitar for Utah Events

Margie’s Demo Video

Sophisticated Pop Music

While music from much of today’s mainstream performers is hollow and off-color, Utah singer Margie presents her own brand of sophisticated and enchanting pop. For crowds who enjoy simple melodies and good hooks delivered with passion and emotion, her soaring vocals always hit the sweet spot.

Margie Photo Slide Show

Margie’s voice exudes a compelling mix of strength, warmth and vulnerability that always strikes a chord with audiences. Complimenting her angelic vocals are the smooth sounds of guitar, making her an acoustic guitar singer who provides beautiful music for Utah weddings, receptions, dinners, and private parties. For events where more energy is required, Margie brings along a full band that knows how to ratchet up the excitement.

Depending on the event, Margie plays covers, originals, or a combination of the two. For intimate occasions she sings and plays guitar as a solo performer, but for higher energy events she can bring along one or more extra musicians to form a trio, quartet, or full band.

Margie is one of the more popular acoustic guitar singers for weddings in Utah, not only because of her musical skills, but because she’s a delight to work with. She is a true artist who combines exceptional vocal talent, musicianship, model good looks, personality, and the ability to turn songs into melodies that leave lasting impressions. Bring the magical sounds of Margie to your next event and turn your party into an event to remember.