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Mark Owens has spent most of his life in Utah, but was born in the city of Boise, Idaho, just north of the Utah border. He gravitated to country music as a kid and loved listening to the “old country stars” – the likes of Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, and Little Jimmy Dickens.

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In the early 1990s Mark began competing vocally and singing professionally, which he continued to do until 2005, when he formed his own country band. He was the winner of Utah’s Pro-Sing National Singing Contest in 2000, but it was the Colgate Country Showdown Competition that really moved him up the ladder of success, taking him to Nashville and the big time. Putting together his own band was a lifelong dream of Mark’s and has helped him gain even more recognition and fans.

As his fan base grows exponentially due to his amazing country vocal talents and energetic live performances, people in the business are beginning to take notice. Mark loves sharing his special vocal gifts and continues to give back to his community by playing at benefit concerts, parades, and many other venues. He thrives on the energy of his fans during live performances, and always gives everything he’s got wherever he plays.

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Country music is often described as truth being told with three chords. The Mark Owens Band demonstrates how much more expansive this genre of music can be by removing the constraints and redefining a new country format. With catchy original tunes as well as everyone’s favorite cover songs, Mark and his country band provide high quality music that appeals to country fans everywhere.

Telling stories through music is what good country songs do. And certainly, Mark tells stories that are greatly appreciated by his many fans. But words are only one part of a great country tune. Those words must be delivered with smooth, rich, vocals wrapped around a catchy melody if there is to be a connection between the singer and an audience. Plus, in live performances, personality and showmanship are two other important ingredients that must be present to keep crowds excited. Put all of these qualities together into a single package and you’ve got Mark Owens.

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Mark loves performing live, feeding off the positive energy emitted by the crowd. And audiences love his shows, which are fun, energetic, and connect with crowds in a personal way. Mark’s passion for his music and appreciation of his fans shines brightly through every time he performs. If you’re looking for a country band that delivers energy, good tunes, and award-winning country vocals, Mark is your cowboy.

Mark’s popular Utah country band is comprised of a group of extremely talented musicians, but what makes them really stand out from the crowd are the award-winning rich country vocals of Mark. Even with the best-selling and most popular country artists of today, you won’t find a more talented country vocalist than Mark.

Mark is one of the finest vocalists in the field of country music today, and once you hear him sing you’ll be a believer. No matter what kind of event you’re planning, if you like country music, you’ll love Mark and his band – one of Utah’s hottest country acts.