Motivational Speakers – Team Building Workshops

Green Light’s motivational speakers bring contagious energy to each and every performance and our team building workshops are unique, funny, entertaining, and stimulating. Let our talented motivational speakers and performers inspire your team to improve their attitude and performance, work together, and communicate better with each other, which in turn will increase productivity and competitiveness.

Believing in one’s self is one of the most important traits a person can possess. Our motivators teach strategies that help improve self-worth, thus increasing confidence and enhancing performance. Learn the strategies necessary to overcome hurdles and achieve greater success by hiring one of our amazing motivational entertainers.

Motivational Speaking and Workshops

Team building workshops are no longer boring when Jeff Civillico is in charge. With Jeff’s award-winning juggling skills, quick wit, and motivational speaking proficiency, you will have the time of your life as you develop the necessary skills for achieving success. Jeff’s one-of-a-kind interactive juggling workshops are entertaining and fun, but also teach valuable lessons that will motivate and inspire people to achieve greater success.

Nobody ever falls asleep at Jeff Civillico’s workshops. Combining amazing juggling skills with a unique method of teaching and motivating will have everyone involved and excited. If your goal is to get everyone working together to build a better company, Jeff can help make that happen.

Nathan Osmond is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining motivational speakers in the country. If you want a speaker to inspire and motivate your organization, to both entertain and uplift, to teach time-honored principles of success, Nathan Osmond will deliver.

You will be on the edge of your seat as Nathan inspires you to make life-altering decisions that result in greater success and happiness. Learn how to overcome obstacles that have been shackling you, allowing you to be a better you. Let Nathan help you develop a hunger for life through his amazing stories, humor, insight, and music. Each presentation is customized for your organization to meet your specific needs.