Utah’s One Voice Children’s Choir

Nationally-Acclaimed Choir

The award-winning One Voice Children’s Choir was first organized in 2002 and formerly known as the Winter Olympic Children’s Choir. It is comprised of 120 elementary-school-aged children from Salt Lake City and the Utah Valley region and is directed by Masa Fukuda, composer of their theme song It Just Takes Love.

Renowned Choir of Children

This spectacular choir has received many awards including the John Lennon International Music Award, a prestigious award presented by Yoko Ono and George Martin of the Beatles. They appeared on America’s Got Talent, receiving rave reviews and standing ovations. Howard Stern said “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In the singing category, we look for moments. Some people describe it as chills, or the hair on their arm goes up, or something like that. If you get one of those moments you’re pretty good. That’s what you need, at least. You guys had about 50 of those moments!”

One Voice Song Samples

They have performed the National Anthem for Mitt Romney at the 2012 10-year Salt Lake City Olympic Anniversary, and has sung for many important people and events around the world. This unique and special children’s choir sings songs that are inspirational, uplifting, and that promote positive values.

The choir is especially well-known in the Salt Lake area and have wowed thousands at the Gallivan Center for the Christmas Lights-On, the Lex De Azevedo One Nation Under GodEve, Salt Lake City’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza, the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert, and many others.

One Voice Choir Photo Slide Show

They have been heard on the radio, seen on TV, and performs about 40 to 50 shows each year to appreciative audiences. This magnificent choir makes any event special, whether it’s a holiday or non-holiday celebration.