Planning Your Modern Wedding

Wedding trends and themes and always changing, but one trend that has been popular as of late is the modern wedding.

This 21st century, elegant and stylish wedding theme is one that is becoming more and more popular and is pushing the traditional wedding themes to the side.

From the food, venue, music, and outfits for the day, there are a plethora of factors that play into putting together the perfect modern wedding. If you are looking to put on this theme for your wedding, here are a few simple tips and tricks to follow for the perfect day.

Guest List

One of the most important elements of the entire wedding planning process is finalizing who you are going to invite and who is going to be left off the list.

This can be incredibly difficult for many couples as they do not want to hurt any feelings or damage any relationships by leaving someone off the invite list.

in the end, if you are looking to pull off the modern wedding style, opt for a more intimate setting and only invite your family and closest friends. By keeping it smaller and more private, you have the ability to focus on the time spend with those you really care about rather than bouncing around from table to table every few seconds at a wedding of a couple hundred guests.

Stylish white men's bow tie, the digital camera and belt on a glass show-window of shop. set of man's casual accessories


One thing everyone will focus on when attending your wedding is the food that is served. With the larger, more traditional wedding, it may be a little out of your price range to do a lot and you may be limited to only doing h’ordeuvres and smaller dessert options for those in attendance.

With a smaller wedding, however, you have more options for the food and can actually afford to do a classy meal for your family, wedding party, and friends you have invited to celebrate with you.

For the modern wedding, you can’t go wrong with simple options such as sliders.

Did you and your bride or groom go to a special restaurant for your first date or where you proposed? Have that same place cater your reception or have someone make the meal that you had. Having your food tell a little story about you two is a great way to keep things intimate and genuine.


When you get to partying at the reception, having the right music is key to a fun and successful night.

To keep things genuine and modern, skip putting together your own playlist and have a live band that can play the stuff you actually want to hear.

Follow these easy tips and tricks and you are sure to have the best modern wedding imaginable.