Ryan Innes – Pop, R&B, and Soul

Soul, R&B, and Pop Music

Until you’ve heard Ryan Innes in person you haven’t experienced the total Ryan Innes. Sure, his recordings are mesmerizing, hypnotic, and addicting to listen to, but unless you’ve see him perform live you’ve missed half of what he has to deliver – the soulful expression and passion that can only be experienced at a live performance.

Ryan is the Billy Joel of Soul – a singer and piano man who puts everything he’s got, and then some, into every song he sings. He’s the real thing – a finalist on the hit TV show The Voice and an amazingly soulful talent who puts most top 40 music artists to shame. He’s got a unique style all his own that fits perfectly with his rich husky vocals and teddy bear looks.

Video: Performing to 50,000 at Stadium of Fire

Once you hear that smooth silky voice caress those soul-penetrating lyrics you’ll be hooked for good like everyone else. Ryan’s ability to express deep emotions through music is what makes him stand out from other wannabe singers and performers.

Quality music …quality lyrics …quality artist …very uplifting!

Ryan has created his own unique and entrancing brand of Soul, R&B, and pop music. His ability to hold a crowd spellbound is certainly due in part to his knock-dead vocals, but there’s so much more to Ryan than just his mesmerizing singing voice.

Ryan Innes Photo Slide Show

He’s got so much charm and charisma in his body he just can’t hold it all in – it oozes out during each performance, creating a bond between him and the audience that cannot be broken. He’s a larger-than-life personality. To put it simply, he’s got the “it” factor that most other performers can only dream about.

His vocal skills are impeccable, his capacity to express emotion is infinite, his ability to take control of an audience is absolute, his boldness and wit are unmatched, his laugh is infectious, and his beard… well, his beard makes him look like a big teddy bear, a person you want to get to know on a deeper level.

Ryan loves sharing his music with others. He says “I share my music because I can’t help but not – It just comes out of me. It’s how I mourn, rejoice, cope, laugh, love. It’s my primary emotional outlet.” And once you experience the deep emotions that he shares by way of his soulful voice, you’ll wonder how you ever lived before Ryan’s music. If you’re looking to hire a musical entertainer for a special event, give your guests something special, something they’ll remember and talk about for a very long time, give them Ryan Innes.

Performance Reviews

The pop crooner has more raw talent than the majority of Top 40 radio combined. His seemingly effortless, smooth as silk vocals will caress your ears with a savory passion, and his sweet melodies will burrow into your memory like a musical tape worm…in a good way I swear!” – Audio IV

My friends told me Ryan’s voice was ear candy, and my ears are licking up this song: Call to Arms.” – C. Jane Kendrick – Dear C. Jane

Still easily one of THE freshest acts Rexburg has seen in a while, Ryan brought the funk and brought it hard.” – Dallin Tippetts – Geek Sandwich

Ryan’s got a perfect voice, and he implements it with such intelligence into his seamlessly written songs.” – Alex Easton – Altsounds.com

Ryan isn’t messing around when it comes to emotion and meaning with his lyrics.” – Suzy – Mix 107.9 Blogs

…I want him to play at my wedding…in 10 years. You free Ryan?” – Jennifer Hardman – PCTV Morning Show