School Assembly Programs

School assembly programs provide wonderful opportunities to teach students positive values in a fun and entertaining way. Green Light’s exceptional school assembly entertainment has captivated and motivated students all over the country and has earned high praises from educators. Give your kids something to motivate and inspire them, a program that is uplifting and educational.

Programs for School Assemblies

Whether your objective is to reward students for academic achievements or to build character, raise self-esteem, or promote tolerance, our highly-acclaimed artists are the perfect fit for any school assembly. Green Light offers all types of entertainment for school children – musical entertainment that teaches positive values, comedy magic acts, and even a world champion Yo Yo expert. For the most exciting assemblies take a look at our professional entertainers.

Best Entertainment for Assemblies

Al Lampkin is one of the funniest magicians you will ever see. If you want to reward your students for educational achievements, there is no better way than with an Al Lampkin school assembly. This award-winning comedian and magician keeps students of all ages laughing hysterically from start to finish.

Al has performed his hilarious show for more than 1,000 elementary, junior high, and high schools and has received the highest praises from educators all over the country. He has appeared in many TV shows and has delighted audiences all over the world. Al Lampkin will put on a show that your students and faculty will never forget.

Steve James and his music have been positively affecting the lives of elementary school-aged children for many years. He teaches positive values that help build character, promote understanding and tolerance, increase self-esteem, demonstrate how to deal with peer pressure, and many other important traits.

Steve’s interactive school assembly programs are a wonderful way to teach and motivate children and are entertaining for all. He has a deep concern for young people and the problems they face in today’s world and wants to help them achieve success. Let Steve share the positive side of life with your students in a fun and entertaining way.

Dale Myrberg loves performing for and working with kids more than anything else. He says that the yo-yo “teaches these kids patience, persistence, and the value of practice.” As a Yo-Yo World Champion and one of only four Yo-Yo Grand Masters, he amazes students with his skills as well as his stories.

Dale became a legend after appearing on the Smothers Brothers’ hit TV show in 1988, and has performed for enthusiastic audiences all over the world ever since. For a school assembly that’s out of the ordinary, motivating, inspiring, entertaining, and filled with unusual and unbelievable yo-yo tricks, it’s time Dale Myrberg was invited to your school.