St. Boheme Alternative Folk Band

Sample Band Video (With Live Audio)

St. Bohème: The Music of Paris

The St. Boheme Band is so unique they defy description. Delivering a quaint folk sound with a French and Eastern European flavor only begins to describe their distinctive music. Some call their sound the “Musique of Paris,” while others describe it as an alternative-folk sound with a gypsy-rock twist.

Unique Folk, Gypsy, French, Alternative Music

The group’s fans may have differing opinions as to which genre they belong in, but one thing is for sure, everybody loves their folk music sound. The St. Bohème folk band was unknown until winning the “Showdown to Slammys” contest at the Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, they are no longer an undiscovered talent, but an award-winning Utah folk band in high demand.

Blending accordion, mandolin, upright bass and violins with an assortment of additional instruments including trumpet, clarinet, mallet percussion, saxophone, banjo, and xylophone, they create a unique sound that when combined with a magical, theatrical stage presentation, is always crowd-pleasing.

St. Boheme Photo Slide Show

A Unique Sound Suitable for Any Event

For a fresh, unique musical experience, invite St. Boheme to the party and enjoy the music. They are a splendid fit for weddings, receptions, and other special occasions, always adding a folksy, classy ambiance to any event. There’s nothing else out there quite like them.