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Stilt Walking Video

Stilt walkers have a classic appeal that never seems to go out of style – always fun and always entertaining. Green Light’s stilt performers are friendly and fun, making a big impact at corporate events, private parties, fairs, festivals, parades, street parties, trade shows, grand openings, and other types of celebrations. Adding an extra touch of excitement to any party is as easy as hiring one or two of our Utah stilt walkers to mix, mingle, meet and greet. And to add visual pop, they have created dazzling costumes that won’t go unnoticed.

Thank you for the awesome entertainment. Your girls were professional, engaging and a HIT! They did a great job and were very accommodating to our requests to move here, then there, then back to here. 🙂 We would absolutely book the service again!” – Corporate Client

Stilt Dancers and Walkers at a Corporate Event

These amiable stilt performers are impressively agile, having the ability to move around crowded areas very easily. Providing entertainers that can interact with guests always boosts the level of fun at any party. No need to set up a stage or deal with loudspeakers – a stilt walker is an easy way to entertain a large group of people. And if you’re looking for entertainers to give your guests really high “high fives” (and we mean really really high), our stilt performers can accommodate.

Our super duper tall stilt walkers will attract attention like almost no other type of entertainment, ready to make your event the most talked about imaginable. Whether it’s dancing in the streets, mingling with guests in your home (with a very tall ceiling, of course), or meeting and greeting important guests at an important corporate event, these delightful stilt dancers and performers are just the ticket. Add an extra touch of fun to your next event and bring in a couple of stilt walkers.

Stilt Walkers in Costume Photo