What To Ask Your Caterer Before Booking Them

When it comes to booking the vendors for your wedding, you can never be too picky. Asking them as many questions as you possibly can and doing thorough research will help you make the final decision in the end you can be happy with for your big day.

One of the most important vendors to pay particular attention to is your caterer. From the beginning of the reception to the end, the caterer plays a large role in the success of the evening. so before you finalize on who will be providing the food and refreshments for the big day, be sure to ask them some of these important questions.

Q1. Can the caterer provide references from previous weddings?

A1. If you are on the fence for one caterer or another, asking for previous references is one of the best ways to find out how they were received and the quality of work they provided. Were they on time, easy to work with, followed through on everything they promised in the contract? Speaking with previous clients is one of the best ways to find an unbiased and truthful answer.

Q2. Is the catering full service?

A2. When you book a venue for your ceremony and reception, if they are in the same place, there may be a good chance they will provide tables, chairs, table linens and more for your day. If not, the next best place to check with is your caterer. Are items like these, as well as table settings, included in a package you can purchase from them? If not, you will have to go to an outside party to rent these items.

Q3. When does the caterer need final decisions from you?

A3. This is one of the most important things to be aware of when booking your caterer and will play a big role in getting the number of guests correct for your wedding. Find out the date your caterer needs a final head count and then set your RSVP date for your guest list. This will make sure you have a concrete number for the vendor to work with.


Q4. Does the caterer offer tastings?

A4. The large majority of caterers will offer tastings so you can see what your options for food are for the big day. The key element to watch for is whether or not they let you do the tasting before you sign the contract. Be sure to do the tasting beforehand if possible so you know if they are truly the caterer for you. If they don’t allow it, you may want to look other places in order to avoid disappointment with the food after you have already paid.

Q5. Does the caterer handle setup and teardown?

A5. While the majority of caterers will take care of these tasks, some may charge an extra fee to take care of this for you. If they don’t include it, you will be stuck asking your¬†family to help out or the venue themselves.