High Energy Bands for Corporate Events

Best Corporate Event Bands

Green Light gives you many options when it comes to corporate entertainment bands. Whether you prefer a current contemporary band, jazz band, country dance band, tribute band, or a live karaoke band, you’ll find the best live bands here. Our live event bands know how to put on a show and are experienced award-winning musicians.

Party Crashers and Power X are two of the best entertainment bands in the United States as well as the world and are in high demand from Alaska to California to Las Vegas to the Bahamas to Canada and everywhere else in between.

The explosive No Limits, world-class Crescent Super Band and the Party Rush event band are three hot bands that always deliver standout performances. If you’re looking for the best in live performance bands, Green Light’s party and dance bands are the cream of the crop.

Incredible Bands for Corporate Functions

The Party Crashers event band is one of the most popular bands around. Requests for this top party band continue to pour in from all over the world – New York, Canada, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Colorado, California, Texas, and everywhere else great entertainment is wanted. Whether for dance or show, Party Crashers is one hot band.

The “in demand” POWER X Band is one of the most popular dance music options in the nation. They are an exceptionally talented group of singers and musicians who perform as many as 90 gigs each year, delivering high-energy dance music that always gets crowds excited.

No Limits is undeniably one of the most energetic and fun live performance bands you will ever see. They play one hit after another, keeping the party fresh and exciting all night long. Lead singer Rachel has more energy than a stick of dynamite and their lead guitarist has some of the fastest fingers around. No Limits is one fun band.

Metro Music Club is not your average music band. They are dynamic, sophisticated, and always deliver music that causes crowds to stand up and take notice. Their musicianship and vocals are flawless and powerful. Treat your guests to the hippest, coolest band around, Metro Music Club.

The Party Rush band is one of the most dynamic music machines around. This hot band is a crowd-pleaser, keeping the dance floor crammed with ecstatic guests who appreciate great dance music.

The award-winning Crescent Band is a highly popular, fresh-sounding contemporary pop band that has wowed audiences from Utah to Carnegie Hall in New York to the Netherlands. This isn’t one of your typical bands, but an award-winning group that has played to standing ovations all over the planet and has been called the best professional band by many.

If you like 1960s surf music, you’ll absolutely love this musically gifted Beach Boys tribute band, Kahuna Beach Party. In addition to performing music that sounds just as good as the original, they put on an entertaining show that includes audience participation and a whole lot of fun, fun, fun.

The Savoy Live jazz band is one of the hippest and most colorful entertainment bands in Utah, performing their own style of swing, jazz, and Big Band music that has delighted jazz crowds all across the globe. This sensational high-octane band is comprised of seasoned pros who know how to bring all types of events to life.