Best Ways to Involve Your Audience at Your Next Event

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Best Ways to Involve Your Audience at Your Next Event

Whether you are putting on a concert, corporate event, or a big office Christmas party, keeping your audience engaged and involved is crucial to making sure the event is a success from start to finish. Unfortunately, there are always those who are not as thrilled to be at the event as others and it can be difficult to keep everyone equally entertained.

No matter what kind of event you are putting on, the size of the venue you have to work with, or the number of people in attendance, here are some excellent strategies to implement to keep everyone engaged and involved at your next event.

Interactive Openings

If you are putting on a big corporate event, chances are the majority of people won’t know everyone there. Whether they work in different departments, have different schedules, or simply don’t interact with one another on a regular basis, having an interactive activity is a great way to break down the walls of uncomfortablilty.

These interactive activities could involve people pairing up with someone they don’t know and get to know a couple […]

Fun Games to Play at Your Wedding

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Fun Games to Play at Your Wedding

The large majority of wedding receptions restrict the entertainment to the dance floor or the live band performing. You won’t be able to get everyone out on the dance floor, however, so how do you keep your audience entertained and more involved during a long reception?

One of the more fun and entertaining alternatives to the dance floor is by playing some group games. From time killing games to more interactive and exciting ones, here are a few you can incorporate into your big day.

Lawn Games

If you are having an outdoor wedding, lawn games are one of the best ways to take advantage of the space available and the nice weather. With a plethora of different options to choose from, here are a few fan favorites:

  • Cornhole: A classic bean bag toss game, individuals or teams compete to land the bean bags on the board or in the hole for one or three points respectively. The first to 21 wins! As a creative touch, you can make your own board and put wedding photos or a bride and groom silhouette.
  • Oversized Board Games: Everyone […]

What To Ask Your Caterer Before Booking Them

What To Ask Your Caterer Before Booking Them

When it comes to booking the vendors for your wedding, you can never be too picky. Asking them as many questions as you possibly can and doing thorough research will help you make the final decision in the end you can be happy with for your big day.

One of the most important vendors to pay particular attention to is your caterer. From the beginning of the reception to the end, the caterer plays a large role in the success of the evening. so before you finalize on who will be providing the food and refreshments for the big day, be sure to ask them some of these important questions.

Q1. Can the caterer provide references from previous weddings?

A1. If you are on the fence for one caterer or another, asking for previous references is one of the best ways to find out how they were received and the quality of work they provided. Were they on time, easy to work with, followed through on everything they promised in the contract? Speaking with previous clients is one of the best ways to find an unbiased and truthful answer.

Q2. Is the catering full service?

A2. When […]

Planning the Perfect Small Wedding

Planning the Perfect Small Wedding

A lot goes into planning a wedding from start to finish. From picking out catering, a venue, choosing a DJ, and more, there are a plethora of different elements to account for.

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make in the grand scheme of planning is the size of wedding you are going to have. If you don’t want to invite 300 of your closest family and friends, opting for a smaller, more intimate wedding may be the perfect option for you.

If you are going for a smaller wedding, here are some great tips and tricks to follow.

Selecting Your Guest List

Whether you plan a large wedding or a small, private ceremony, finalizing the guest list is arguably the most important and most stressful element of planning your big day.

When you are planning a small wedding, though, this factor becomes even more of a pain and can create a lot of tension between friends and family.

Managing the expectations of your friends and family is key to making the small wedding work as you want to be sure not to offend anyone or burn bridges. Be sure to communicate with people early and often as […]

Matching Your Music Style to Your Wedding Theme

Matching Your Music Style to Your Wedding Theme

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the music you have for your reception. Whether you hire a professional DJ or put together your own playlist with iTunes or Spotify, your musical style should say a lot about your personality as well as the overall setting and feel of your wedding itself.

If you are putting together your wedding, but struggling to decide what your musical genre should be for the post-ceremony festivities, here are a few ideas to make your reception as fun and special as possible.

Match Your Music To the Venue

If you can’t quite figure out what kind of music to play to celebrate your big day, one of the best ways to properly set the tone for the evening is to match it up to the venue you are having your festivities at.

Are you having a destination island vacation? Playing some local or other tropical music is a great way to keep the mood light and letting everyone take in the scenery and atmosphere.

Perhaps you are having a more traditional wedding in a church or some sort of grand hall in town. Sticking to the traditional ballroom […]

How to Boost Event Engagement

How to Boost Event Engagement

Whether it is a concert, corporate event, or even a wedding, keeping your audience engaged and involved is key to making sure everyone has a great time.

If you are putting on an event like this and are wanting to boost the overall engagement of your audience, we have a few helpful tips and tricks to taking the audience’s commitment to the next level.

Social Media

In the 21st century, one of the best overall ways to really get an audience talking and involved in an event is through social media.

Does your event big enough to have an official Twitter account or Facebook or Instagram page? This could be a great way to get more information out leading up to the event and get your audience engaging with you.

If you can’t justify creating an entire page to run your event on, having a hashtag where people can talk photos, comments, and questions is a great way to get everyone interacting with one another throughout the day or evening.

Mobile App

Putting on a music festival or some kind of small concert series that audiences have really been looking forward to? A mobile app could be the perfect addition to take […]