Spectacular Corporate Bands That Wow At Corporate Events

America’s Best Bands For Corporate Events

Green Light Booking offers some of the best corporate bands you will ever lay your eyes on. With such a wide variety of party bands, tribute bands, rockabilly bands, pop superstars, live karaoke bands, jazz and swing orchestras, A Cappella groups, and a variety of other music options, it’ll be easy to find something that’s perfect for your event.

Many of our music groups and musicians are a great fit for high-end events where only the best entertainment considered. If you’re in charge of finding and booking entertainment for an important upcoming event, and you’re only interested in the best bands, contact Green Light Booking.

High Energy Corporate Party Bands

The Party Crashers® Band is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and explosive entertainment options in the country, and it’s no secret why. With three top vocalists, exceptional musical talent, tight choreographed routines, light show, LED suits, and an extensive repertoire of chart-topping hits covering the past several decades, the Party Crashers® are a live performance band that always wows a crowd.

Liquid Blue is an incredible event band that was voted “America’s Best Dance Band” at the National Music Awards. This award-winning corporate party band is one of the hottest in the nation, putting on shows that are both high energy and fun. Their infectious energy can coax even the most reserved guests to get out on the floor and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

The Metro Music Club Dance Band is an 8-piece band that boasts three of the finest vocalists in the country, always wowing crowds at every event. The group’s members were handpicked for their exceptional musical and vocal abilities. If you’re looking for a soulful band that delivers the finest R&B, pop, soul, hip hop, reggae, and funk music, you’ll have a tough time finding one better than Metro Music Club.

If you’re looking for explosive energy, the No Limits Band will blow the lid off the joint. Watching lead singer Rachel Ker is like watching dynamite explode. It’s nearly impossible to sit still once No Limits kicks things into high gear. No Limits is so infectious they’ll have everyone shaking and shimmying all night long out on the dance floor.

Incredible Corporate Event Bands For Hire

The New Soul Brigade Band boasts amazing musicianship, stellar vocalists, soulful horns, personality, youthful energy, and charm. This is one of those rare music groups that play a wide variety of hits from the 40s to the present, including jazz, pop, Motown, and rock. Adding life, energy, excitement, and fun to any event is as simple as booking the New Soul Brigade, one of the hottest acts in town.

And if you’re into the Golden Age of Music that includes tunes from legendary crooners like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, and Michael Buble, you’ll absolutely love the sound of Paul Cave, an incredible singer that always wows a crowd.

The Chinatown Band is a very popular choice as a band for a corporate event, playing danceable hits all night long. They have three great vocalists and stellar musicians that perform contemporary hits and classic standards. Chinatown delivers danceable cover tunes from many different genres including rock, pop, 80s hits, funk, and just about anything else that’s fun to shimmy to.

The incredibly fun What’s Going On Motown band has it all – quality vocalists and musicians, scorching hot horns and a whole lot of explosive energy. When you want to take your corporate party to the next level, look nowhere else.

Sizzling Entertainment Bands for Corporate Parties

The Osmond Chapman Orchestra is an amazing group of musicians featuring David Osmond of the famous Osmond Family and Caleb Chapman, award-winning band leader and saxophonist. If you like swing, pop, and Broadway music, you’ll love this popular orchestra, delivering everyone’s favorite hits from today and yesterday, and infused with the Big Band sound.

Playing nothing but popular dance hits that crowds can’t get enough of, everything from today’s Top 40 to yesterdays legendary favorites, Synergy, Club Rock and Audio House know how to blow the roof off the joint. Get your roofers ready because these bands are explosive.

One of the hottest swing and jazz bands in Utah is Hot House West, offering a stylish Gypsy Jazz sound along with some of the best jazz and swing standards in Utah. This is one of the most sought after bands in Salt Lake City, Park City, and the surrounding areas when it comes to classy corporate event music.

Party Rock Project is a band with oodles of personality. They cover all styles of music from Erasure to Billy Ray Cyrus to Michael Jackson to Franks Sinatra to Poison, plus a whole slew of others. With their high-energy music and some audience-interactive musical games, this group has become extremely popular for corporate and company parties. They’re nothing but a barrel of fun.