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Aerial Silk Performer

Aerial Silk Specialist

When it comes to thrilling aerial silk performers we’ve got you covered. Dee Dee blends the athleticism of a gymnast, beautiful moves of a dancer and the skill of an aerial acrobat to create aerial art forms that defy the bounds of gravity.

Video Demo: Aerial Performance

Aerial silks are an attention-getting activity that’s always a hit with crowds. Dee Dee ‘s graceful aerial dancing and acrobatic dexterity is an aerial act you don’t want to miss. Aerial arts are perfect for all types of events including corporate functions, conventions, conferences, weddings, awards nights, high-profile parties, and more.

There won’t be so much as a blink from your audience once our amazing aerialist Dee Dee begins her aerial acrobatics show, for fear of missing something big. Her breathtaking feats have crowds holding their breath and on the edge of their seats, unable to move a muscle in anticipation of the next heart-pounding move on the aerial silks.

Aerial Photo Slide Show

Whether you’re looking for an aerial silk performer to be the main act at your event or to provide sky-high ambient aerial entertainment, Dee Dee and her stunning displays are mesmerizing to audiences of all ages. Her feats are jaw-dropping as she swings, spins, twirls, drops, unwinds and poses high above the floor. Aerialists don’t get any more exciting than this, especially when it involves aerial dancing on gorgeous aerial silks.

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