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Standup Comedians, Magic Comedy, Comedy Jugglers

Everybody enjoys a good laugh, which is why our standup comedians, comedy magicians, and prop comics are in such hot demand.

John Moyer and Stephen Jones are two of the best standup comics in the country, always delivering top-notch shows that leave audiences in stitches. If you don’t mind laughing ’till your sides ache, you’ll love these two comedians.

Hire Comedians for Any Event

In addition to our hilarious standup comedy entertainment we also offer Matt Baker, the funniest prop comic on the planet. In addition to his standup comedy, he also incorporates juggling and stunts into his entertaining shows. Chipper Lowell is one of the funniest comedy magicians in the world and Jeff Civillico combines his comic skills with championship juggling, unicycling, and hilarious audience participation. When you want to hire comedians that are funny and clean, our comedy performers will deliver.

Best Standup Comedians

Standup Comedy - Best Comedian in Utah

John Moyer
Standup & Comedy Hypnosis

Comedian for Any Event

Stephen Jones
Standup Comedian

Comedian John Moyer has it all – likeability, originality, delivery, and some of the funniest routines you’ll ever hear. Plus, he’s exceptionally quick at interacting with audiences and is totally family-friendly. This talented comedian is a sure-fire bet when it comes to turning events into uproarious occasions.

With Stephen Jones, there is never a lull in the show or awkward moment – his intelligent and humorous take on life’s funny experiences will have you laughing harder than you ever thought possible. Without any need for vulgarity or crudeness, Stephen will deliver a non-stop laughfest for groups of all ages!

Top Comedy Acts

Side-Splitting Magic Comedy Show

Chipper Lowell
Comedy Magician

High-Profile Comedy Act

Matt Baker
Standup and Stunts

Humor For Any Event

Marcus Wilson
Hilarious Juggling & Stunts

Jeff Civillico Team Building, Corporate Comedy, Stunts and Juggling

Jeff Civillico
Stunts and Comedy

No matter how hard you look, you’ll never find another comedy magician like Chipper Lowell. He’ll keep the laughs coming non-stop without ever resorting to any objectionable material. Chipper’s shows are always energetic, engaging, and hysterical.

When you hire prop comic Matt Baker to entertain at your special event, the only complaint you’ll ever hear is that the show was not long enough. Just be sure to bring your inhaler if you’re an asthmatic, because Matt will have you laughing so hard you won’t be able to catch your breath.

Comedy entertainer Marcus Wilson performs hilarious and difficult tricks that you won’t see anywhere else. He’s the perfect addition to all types of events including fairs, festivals, corporate events, and anywhere else highly-interactive, funny entertainment is wanted.

Comedian Jeff Civillico can do it all. He’s a standup comedian, champion juggler, amazing unicyclist, emcee, and motivational speaker all rolled up into one. Jeff is the king of Las Vegas comedy, but travels the world entertaining crowds. Whatever the occasion, Jeff will make it exciting, fun, and of course, more funny than you could ever in your wildest dreams hope for.

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