Jaw-Dropping Live Wedding Bands that WOW Crowds

Video: Green Light’s Most Incredible Live Bands for Weddings

Simply put, Green Light Booking offers live wedding bands that blow audiences away. For high-end receptions, Party Crashers®, No Limits, Metro Music Club, and Liquid Blue turn receptions into unforgettable events. These are premier wedding music bands that include studio recording vocalists, world class musicians, and years of experience. They know how to create moments to remember and over-deliver every time they perform. When it comes to wedding live bands, they are in a class of one.

If you want to hire a wedding band with loads of energy and a bright horn section, look no further than Party Crashers®, Liquid Blue, Metro Music Club, or No Limits. Each of these bands can add an optional horn section that gives parties a huge boost of energy. These in demand bands play everything from the most popular current dance hits to yesterday’s dance standards, and play them with style, making it impossible for guests to sit still. When you’re searching for the best party bands, nobody does it better.

Our Most Remarkable Live Bands for Wedding Receptions

Party Crashers® is more than just one of America’s top dance bands, they’re a full show – the perfect live band for a wedding. Give them enough room and they’ll give a performance your guests will never forget – full of choreographed dance routines, costume changes, and of course, the best dance music ever. Just a word of warning – due to Party Crashers’® enormous popularity, be sure to book them early before someone else steals your date.

No Limits delivers more energy than TNT. Their extreme popularity as a wedding band for hire is because once they take the stage, the continuous flow of high-energy dance hits will turn the dance floor into a magnet for guests. They’ll be chomping at the bit to get out onto the dance floor. And with an incredibly long list of tunes, your guests will be begging them to play their favorites all night long.

When you’re planning a wedding reception and you want it to be perfect, only an extraordinary band will do, which is why couples all over the world hire the Liquid Blue Band. If quality is important to you, it’s time you took a long, hard look at this impressive musical group.

Metro Music Club has exceptionally talented vocalists and musicians at every spot in the lineup. If you’re only interested in the very best live wedding bands for hire, this group delivers every time. Their sound is soulful, hip, and stylish beyond compare.

High-Energy Dance Music: Incredible Bands for Weddings

New Soul Brigade is among the hottest new contemporary wedding bands around. If you want to hire a live wedding band that’s fresh, energetic, talented, and delivers quality dance music, you can’t go wrong with this amazing group.

The Synergy Band is an impressive group of musicians and vocalists that keep parties hopping from beginning to end. Crowds are going crazy for their high energy sets and exceptional performance skills.

When high quality swing dance music is what it’s all about, Paul Cave & The Platinums are always a crowd favorite. Get ready to wear holes in your dancing shoes as you boogie to the beat of your favorite crooners from past decades.

There’s nothing more fun than dancing to the beat of a great band like the Music City Groove. From the first note to the last it’s nothing but quality music that keeps crowds happily dancing all night long.

Awesome Wedding Party Bands

Shades of Blue is edgy, stylish, creative, hip, and classy. Since there have been so many great hits over the past 60 years, they thought it might be a good idea to play everyone’s favorites over the past several decades – so that’s exactly what they do! You can bet no matter what song they play, it will be somebody’s favorite.

The popular Uptown Sound Band delivers a high energy show with everyone’s favorite hits, appealing to crowds of all ages. This talented group of singers and musicians have been keeping dance enthusiasts everywhere they play, providing music that event guests can’t help but dance to.

Sensational Wedding Music Band Options

Emerald Electric Strings wedding ensemble has exceptionally talented string musicians that provide beautiful sounds of violins and cello. Plus, a fifth member of the group, a professional wedding DJ, adds a variety of special musical sounds to complement the strings, as well as make it possible to deliver exciting music in a wide range of styles. Don’t confuse them with your typical string ensemble; they are a high energy electric string quartet.

The Club Rock Band is an appealing group of performers that keep energy levels high and crowds happy. The only thing more fun than watching Club Rock perform their energetic choreography is moving and grooving to their powerful dance tunes.

The impressive Audio House Band and Rhythm Addicts play the greatest hits from a wide range of times and styles, including today’s pop favorites, Motown classics, soul standards, Disco, classic rock, and jazz. For an unforgettable wedding party with unforgettable music, these are two groovy bands, no doubt about it.

The Chinatown Band is one of the more popular wedding reception bands, always keeping parties exciting and fun. If you like to dance, you’ll love Chinatown, a real crowd-pleasing group for special events.

The Power X live band is one of the most in-demand live wedding bands for wedding receptions in the country today. When you want to book a band for a wedding that boasts more than their fair share of talent, especially in the vocalist and musicianship categories, that also comes with a scorching horn section, this is one band that always gets rave reviews.

Amazing Bands for Weddings, Dinners, Parties, & Receptions

Offering a wide assortment of Gypsy, jazz, and traditional folk music, the ever popular Aaron Ashton Band turns humdrum parties into memorable events. Their exceptional musicianship, unique sound, and riveting arrangements always make for crowd-pleasing entertainment and results in rave reviews. For one of the hottest “swing dancing” gypsy jazz bands, Hot House West is the perfect choice. Providing a continuous flow of quality dance music is what this jazz band is all about.

High-Class Live Wedding Music Entertainment

The Tuscan Wedding String Quartet adds a touch of elegance to any event, playing everything from pop music to classical standards. This ensemble is perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. If you’re looking for a great wedding trio to play high quality pop and jazz tunes, the BC3 Trio is who you’re looking for. Smooth doesn’t even begin to describe this talented threesome.

When it comes to hot swing bands, you’ll want to take a look at the highly sought-after Posh Rhythm Orchestra, offering a popular swing sound from the Big Band era that crowds are going crazy for. And if you’re looking for something a little more mellow and relaxing in a music band, look no further than the Name Droppers live wedding trio, three talented musicians who play everyone’s favorite hits in their own unique style.

Mood-Inducing Acoustic Music For Weddings

Live wedding bands are great for wedding celebrations, but if you are looking for classic or subtle music to enhance a wedding ceremony or other special occasion, you may not be interested in an energetic band. Green Light also provides music options that will add class and sophistication to your special event.

Michael Lucarelli is a world-class guitarist that adds elegance to weddings or other important events with his mastery of the instrument. He is one of the finest classical, Latin, and popular guitarists in the Western United States and has received rave reviews the world over. If you want to add class and acoustic sophistication to your wedding or reception, Michael Lucarelli is your man.

Our talented string musicians produce an amazingly rich, full sound that is the perfect solution if you don’t have the budget to book an entire symphony orchestra. Our live string wedding musicians can play pop, Broadway, and classical music, and can be hired as a quartet, trio, duo, or soloist to suit your needs. We offer some of the highest quality live bands, but also provide beautiful stringed music as well.

Extraordinary Live Wedding Bands for Wedding Receptions

The perfect music can turn an already-memorable day into an unforgettable event. Live wedding music sets the tone for the ceremony and reception, which makes it important to book the best entertainment you can find. Whether you want subtle, romantic wedding background music or a high energy dance band, live music creates moments that will be remembered forever. Green Light’s bands add excitement that cannot be duplicated by playing recorded tunes. It doesn’t matter where you’re located, we offer the finest bands – from the top Vail Colorado party bands to the best Los Cabos wedding bands, and beyond. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, party, or corporate event, we’ve got the best bands, hands down. If you’re a bride that just can’t decide between a DJ or band, let us help you with all of your wedding music questions.

Utah’s long-standing tradition of producing high quality arts and entertainment ensures that all of Green Light’s best wedding bands compare to (or exceed) the standards of any event bands in the nation. If you’re looking for wedding dance bands that will provide the best wedding party music, you can’t go wrong with Party Crashers®, No Limits, Metro Music Club, or Power X, four of the most popular live wedding bands anywhere. Adding excitement to a party is not as much about coming up with unique wedding reception ideas as it is about the music, which is the key to a memorable wedding day.