Acro-Duo Balancing Act

Amazing Acro-Balance Performers

This amazing acro-balance act is a truly astonishing exhibition of strength, agility, and of course complex balancing. Acro balancing is an art form performed by acrobats, blending balancing and adagio. With adagio, a pair of acrobats perform movements and strike poses, one acting as the base and the other acting as the flier. The base performer is always in contact with the ground while the flier is balanced in the air.

Adagio and Balancing Act

The base performer may be lying on the ground, kneeling, standing, or crouching, while the flier is balancing on the base’s hands (hand balancing), feet, thighs, knees, shoulders, back, and sometimes even the head. Other forms of acro-balancing incorporate tosses, where the base throws or tosses the flier, usually resulting in somersaults.

Acro Balance Photo Slide Show

Due to the extremely strenuous nature of this form of entertainment, a performance is usually less than ten minutes in length. Most shows are set to music, which adds to the drama and intensity of the performance. If you’re putting together the entertainment for a special event, and you want to hire entertainment that’s unique and out-of-the-ordinary, a professional acro duo act may be just what you’re looking for.