Big Wow Band: Hot Party Band

Big Wow Band delivers hit after hit, and keeps your party movin’ and shakin’ all night long! This experienced, six-piece cover band doesn’t just play music – they put on a show! They will make an impression on your clients, family, and friends, covering a huge range of hits with both male and female vocals.

Top Event Band

They perform all over the inter-mountain west, and travels regularly throughout Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, California, and Montana. They’ve played at Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, Salt Lake, Bend, Coeur d’Alene, and many areas in between. The Big Wow band also includes DJ services, giving clients non-stop music for the entire event.

Clinton, lead singer, has one of the smoothest vocals in the business. His smoky tenor voice has a range that just keeps going higher and higher. His interpretation of Motown hits is impeccable, and the way he croons a ballad makes the ladies melt.

Big Wow Photo Slide Show

Sal, a working musician for over fifteen years, finds that the high-energy Big Wow Band is the perfect project for his expertise with piano & organ phrasing, Sal adds all the brass, string, and synth sounds needed for that big sound that this band is known for. Sal learned his craft by studying the best: Steely Dan, Billy Joel, any Motown / Funk Brothers hit, and the harmonies of the Eagles and Journey.

Mark doesn’t look old enough, but he has been perfecting his guitar chops for more than 30 years. Playing in high-end clubs and casinos at an early age, Mark has shared the stage with many top acts and has had the opportunity to play a wide variety of music. Big Wow Band benefits from his talents in a big way.

Tom’s thumpety-thump on the big bass strings provides the foundation for Big Wow and ensures that the dancers feel the groove. A working musician for over 30 years, Tom’s knowledge and library of songs includes, well, just about everything.

Mark is an accomplished groove-oriented percussionist who brings a wealth of experience to the band. Mark has worked with professional acts and opened for Def Leppard, Ozzy Osborne, & other big stadium bands.

Layne, female lead vocals, provides an extraordinary amount of spunk and pizzazz to everything she sings. She’s the latest addition to the group, and with her big voice and showmanship it’s obvious why the guys wanted her to come on board.