How To Throw the Perfect Outdoor Party

How To Throw the Perfect Outdoor Party

If you are hosting a party this year, making your backyard the go-to place is key to having successful get-togethers.

From the food, drinks, decor, entertainment and more,there are a wide range of elements that factor into the creation of the perfect outdoor space.

Whether you are hosting an extravagant backyard shindig or just having a few friends over for a small barbecue, here are the essentials to making your party the best one yet.

Create an Invitation

No matter how big your backyard event is, creating a cool invitation is a great way to make it seem super official and really get people excited about attending.

Try making your own custom invitations if you have the time on your hands and the creative mind to make it happen. If not, there are a million cool and free templates available online for you to use.

On the invitation, there are several things you should be sure to include so your guest are aware of everything going on before they arrive at the party:

  • Who, What, When, Where: Make sure they know you are hosting the event, what kind of party it is, when they need to be there, and most […]

Tips for Musical Event Planning

Tips for Musical Event Planning

As an event planner, having everything come together perfectly in the months leading up to and on the day of the event is usually easier said than done.

From the entertainment booking, ticket sales, vendor contract fillings and more, there are a wide variety of elements that play into putting on the perfect event.

One of the more exciting and occasionally trickier events is a concert.

From booking the band, finding a venue, finding a good date ante more, there are a wide variety of factors playing a big role in the day’s success.

Know Your Budget and Your Audience

While we all want to bring in the big money maker acts like Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and more, the cost of these acts is usually going to be a little out of price range for the amount of ticket sales you are really going to make.

Knowing your market and finding an appropriate budget for an entertaining act is one of the first things you will have to focus on locking down.

The other thing you need to focus on is your audience and the community you are in.

If you are living in a more rural part of the country, you […]

Throwing and End of Summer Event

Throwing and End of Summer Event

Throwing an event any time of the year can be a success, but one of the most popular times to really pull off a smash hit is at the end of the summer.

Whether it is helping out with a large corporate event or just putting together some sort of backyard pool party, there are many ways you can have the best end of summer party imaginable.


Whether you are at a high class wedding or throwing a community block party, the food is always one of the most important elements that people will look forward to.

When putting together a simple end of summer get together, taking it easy on the food is always a great move.

Instead of going for the full dinner with three different courses, go for a buffet style of finger foods or a serve yourself barbecue setup.

The majority of guests will enjoy an array of vegetables and fruit, while still getting to put together a barbecued chicken sandwich for themselves.


One a hot summer day, keeping everyone cooled down with delicious drinks is one of the most important ways to keep the night going.

If you don’t want everyone sifting through a trough of […]

Create an Event Appealing to All 5 Senses

Create an Event Appealing to All 5 Senses

What’s better than 3D technology without the nerdy glasses? Attending an event that yields its guest real life dimensions of experience via their five senses. Could you imagine seeing something so fantastic that words could not describe? How ever will you explain to friends afterwards about the feel of the event? Who doesn’t love being stumped for words when something monumental has come to pass and they were among the elite to witness it? Everyone wants to be the lucky recipient of a real life dimensional experience and alas there’s a format that yields you the capacity to provide it.

Every time I would go to visit my grandmother, upon entering her home, I would be overcome with the smell of apple pie and cinnamon sprinkled crust. Why? Well besides her obvious love of baking, she did it because she knew I was accustomed to the ambient smell.  My mind would always rest in “comfort mode” when I visited grandma’s home.  Naturally, today, I equate the smell of fresh baked apple pie with love, security, and comfort; I recall happier moments with grandma.  The smell is […]

The Best Ways to Cut Event Planning Cost

The Best Ways to Cut Event Planning Cost

Event Planners: On a Tight Budget? Read This!

Whether you’re a professional event planner or you just happen to be planning an event for yourself, the information in this article by Mireille Pitre for is going to be incredibly helpful. When it comes to planning events for someone else, the client who has champagne tastes and a beer budget is more common than you think. This article gives you some very helpful advice to throwing a fabulous event on a budget and making it look like you spent more than you did. It also gives you areas where you absolutely should not skimp on paying a real professional. The article also cautions professional event planners to not skimp on their own service fees and gives ideas on how to combat a client’s request to do just that. You’ll get a lot of great budget saving information when you read the full article here.

Beautiful Lighting for an Event5 Ways to Save on Event Costs

Buy, don’t rent, and reuse, recycle are some of the main points in this article by […]

The Adventure Awaits in Salt Lake City

The Adventure Awaits in Salt Lake City

Wide open spaces and Mother Natures natural beauty are the immediate highlights that come to mind when I think of visiting Utah. From The Mighty 5 National Parks, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyon lands, Capitol Reef and Zion and all points in-between, Utah is the place to be. However if you must zero in on one area to be in when visiting this great state, you would be wise to consider the fun that is waiting to be had in Salt Lake City.  The list of entertainment options seems to be endless.

When we first considered a taking a family trip, I conducted my research via friend suggestions and online search engines. I was surprised to see Salt Lake City, Utah came up more than a few times in my results.  There are a plethora of things to do while in Salt Lake City if you’re alone, in a group of friends, with colleagues or with your family. I’m the curious type and my family is always open for adventure so I explored many of the options available prior to arriving in Utah.