Bootleg Blvd – Country Cover Band

Bootleg’s Promo Video

Playing Country Music Cover Tunes

Bootleg Blvd loves making crowds happy and it shows. Everyone’s going crazy for this talented Utah country band – not only because they play one popular country hit after another, but because they’re having such a great time on stage audiences can’t help but get involved in all the fun.

Bootleg Photo Slide Show

This is not just another ordinary country band playing their own original songs that nobody can dance to – this is a group of unique and fun-loving musicians that play everybody’s favorite country music cover songs – stuff you can really get excited about on the dance floor. With studio recording vocalist Macario and one of the most talented groups of country musicians in Utah to back him up, is it any wonder why everyone’s raving about this infectiously-fun country band?

Bootleg Music Samples

Whatever the event – be it a corporate event, private party, fair, community festival, or wedding reception – Bootleg is ready to turn it into a high-energy spectacle that’ll have everyone on their feet – hoopin’, hollerin’, and just havin’ a good ole time.