8+ Unbelievable Solo Guitarists & Guitar Duos

Green Light Booking offers the finest classical, pop, blues and jazz guitarists for all types of events. Whether you’re looking for a classy way to add ambiance to an event or want to bring in a solo guitarist to wow your crowd with some serious plucking, we can make it happen.

Best Acoustic Guitar Players for Weddings

Once you hear guitarist Eric Anthony perform you’ll see why he’s one of the hottest guitar talents in Utah. Add some of the smoothest, spine-tingling vocals you’ll ever hear and you’ve got the perfect addition to any special event.

One of the finest guitar duos in the state of Utah, Nylon and Steel adds a richness and fullness to special events that can’t be beat. They are superb wedding ceremony and wedding reception music entertainment, but also add magic to corporate events, dinners, banquets, and private parties.

Green Light’s dual-neck guitarist has wowed audiences around the world with his incredible double neck guitar skills. This is a one-of-a-kind performer who has the skills to impress any crowd at any event. He is one of the most incredible solo guitarists in the world. Plus, his vocals are amazing as well.

Guitar expert Austin Weyand has been charming crowds with his exceptional guitar skills for years. He is one of the most in-demand solo guitarists in Utah and always provides top musical entertainment.

Guitar soloist Mahi is a new addition to Green Light’s roster of exceptional musicians. His guitar skills are only exceeded by his smooth, hypnotic vocals. As solo guitarists go, Mahi is among the best.

World-acclaimed classical guitarist Michael Lucarelli is perhaps the best known guitar master in Utah. Playing quality classical and pop music in his own mesmerizing style is where Michael excels. You won’t find a better master guitarist anywhere.

Amazing Solo Singer Guitarists for Hire

When you want classy and sophisticated guitar music with vocals to match, look no further than guitarist Daryl Stevenett. One of our most popular solo entertainers, Daryl is always the perfect addition to any type of event.

Singer guitarist Danny Heslop combines smooth, powerful vocals and a mastery of acoustic guitar to deliver music that always commands attention.

Margie is an acoustic guitar player and singer whose vocals add a touch of warmth and charm to special events such as wedding ceremonies, receptions, banquets and other important occasions. Her sparkling personality and vocal elegance are an unbeatable combination that always gets a crowd’s attention.

Master guitarist Kristen Bromley is a rare talent that always lights up a room with the exquisite guitar sounds. Kristen plays all styles of music – classical, pop, jazz and more – and is always a welcome addition to any event.

If you’re looking for high quality classical music, guitarist Gabino Flores is your man. Breathing life into parties with classy, elegant, classical guitar music is what Gabino does best.

Acoustic Wedding Guitarists and Classical Guitar Players

Our stellar guitarists come in a wide variety of flavors. Whether you’re looking for a classical guitarist, someone that provides quality vocals in addition to guitar, or a studio-quality musician who can provide you with music in many styles including jazz, pop, classical, blues, country and others, we’ve got what you want. Invite one of our fabulous guitar players to provide the music for your special event and turn it into something magical.