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Destination weddings are the hip thing to do in today’s society, especially in tropical paradises such as the Hawaiian Islands. And it’s easy to see why when you consider the many scenic locales such as Honolulu, Oahu, Waikiki Beach, Kauai, Maui, and the big island of Hawaii. The family and friends who are lucky enough to be invited will thoroughly enjoy a tropical wedding and reception in these magnificent Pacific islands. The only thing missing from this picture is one of our powerhouse Hawaii dance bands that can push the excitement level to a mind-blowing peak at the reception. Hiring one of our high energy wedding bands can add more excitement to a reception than any other one thing, and our agency offers the top Hawaii party bands for weddings and events.

Honolulu and Hawaii Live Bands and Dance Bands for Hire

Hire the Best Cover Band for the Ultimate Destination Hawaii Wedding

If you’re looking for an incredible cover band to add the wow factor to a Hawaiian wedding, corporate event, celebrity party, or high profile event, our best Hawaii dance bands are as good as they come. They are the ones hired when high-rolling event planners will accept nothing but the best, because they know that the quality of the band will determine how successful the party ends up being. For an unforgettable party, your only choice is to hire one of our best Hawaii wedding bands. We are home to the most incredible wedding bands on the planet.

Hawaii: An Ideal Setting for the Perfect Wedding

Hawaii and an impressive dance band are two ingredients that mix extremely well together. Planning a wedding in a tropical, breathtaking paradise, and adding an extraordinary band to the mix, is a surefire way to create wedding memories that cannot be matched. In addition to a fabulous ceremony and reception, guests will be able to visit exotic activities and go on spectacular excursions that rival those at any destination. Enjoy the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the larger-than-life waves at Oahu’s north shore, breathtaking coastlines and national parks, gorgeous Waikiki Beach (among the most popular vacation destinations on the planet), towering waterfalls, powerful volcano landscapes, and many others.

After experiencing the wonders of Hawaii, dance the night away with one of America’s top wedding dance bands as you enjoy the most incredible reception imaginable. We offer the two hottest Hawaii party bands if you’re planning a Hawaii event, Party Crashers® and No Limits. These unbelievable party bands are a cut above all the others, delivering extraordinary shows that include a non-stop flow of everyone’s favorite dance music, tremendous musicianship and vocals, in-sync, choreographed dance moves, light shows, hi-tech sound, personality, audience interaction, and non-stop energy. These exciting Hawaii dance bands are the perfect compliment to an exotic Hawaiian destination wedding reception.

Please note: Our wedding and event bands fly all around the world to play at important corporate events and weddings. But, they are not located within Hawaii, and will have to travel to that area for an event.