Utah Folk Music and Folk Bands

Our selection of folk music bands is not extensive, but the quality is amazing. Our folk bands play music in an upbeat style that always adds a touch of elegance and excitement to events. The music is raw and performed with enthusiasm and energy. When you want your guests to be part of something extraordinary, invite one of our folk ensembles to the event and let the magic happen.

Utah’s Best Folk Music Bands

Hire Folk Musicians for a Party

Boasting some of the finest, award-winning musicians in the USA, the Aaron Ashton Band is one of those rare bands that over-delivers every time they take the stage. They perform Gypsy jazz, folk, Americana, Irish, Celtic, Eastern European, Romanian traditional folk dance, and swing music, all in their own incredible and unique style. Simply put, they are riveting to listen to and watch.

When you’re looking for a band that’s not the same old, same old; a band that offers lively, yet addictively quirky music; that adds class and sophistication to any event; that creates a mood of fun and excitement; the incredible Aaron Ashton Band is as good as it gets. The band has a distinct Eastern European sound, and encompasses a wide range of moods that fit just about any event. If you’re looking for first class music entertainment that everyone will love, look no further.

St. Boheme is an award-winning group that’s quickly becoming one of Utah’s favorite folk bands, and once you hear them play live, it’ll become instantly clear why they’re in such popular demand. This polished gypsy, French folk music band blends many instruments in a unique way, giving them the ability to deliver music that’s fresh and addicting.

If you’re looking for something quaint, yet artistically superior to other folk groups, St. Boheme is a great choice. This award-winning group of talented musicians produces one of the freshest folk sounds in Utah today, adding their own gypsy style to catchy French tunes that you won’t hear anywhere else. This popular ensemble is a perfect fit for festivals, fairs, private parties, wedding ceremonies, receptions, dinners, banquets, and corporate events.

Utah’s Best Folk Music Bands for Hire

Julussa is comprised of three amazing musicians that provide folk and bluegrass music for special events. Mesmerizing is the best way to describe the sounds of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle, which provides the centerpiece of the trio’s unique music. Similar to a violin, but possessing extra strings beneath the fingerboard, you’ll hear echoing overtones that are beautiful and haunting.

Blending with the fiddle are percussion, guitar, bass and jaw harp, with the end result being a folk style of music that has delighted audiences all around the world. Julussa delivers an infectious blend of Norwegian folk music along with traditional Celtic and bluegrass music. Their exotic sound captures the attention of crowds of all ages and is a unique musical experience that should not be missed.