Utah’s Best Bluegrass Bands – Fast Pickin’ Fun

Lonesome Folk Trio is quickly becoming one of the favorite Utah bluegrass bands, and it’s easy to see why. This polished family bluegrass music band has not one, but two state champions – on the fiddle and mandolin – giving them quite an edge over the competition. If you like fast fiddling you’ll love Lonesome Folk Trio. This award-winning group is one of the most unique and skilled Utah bluegrass bands today, adding their own unique style to traditional favorites and catchy originals. Lonesome Folk Trio is a great fit for festivals, fairs, private parties, and corporate events.

Green Light Booking’s own Bluegrass Ensemble is one of the most sought-after in the state. When you’re looking for folk and bluegrass music that’ll pump up the party and get your crowd excited, this band won’t let you down. Great musicians and great music, a combo that always excites a crowd.

Popular Bluegrass Bands for Any Event

Best Bluegrass Bands in Utah

Jake and Rebekah are two award-winning musicians that provide music for special events in several configurations. They are members of a five-piece bluegrass group that plays some of the hottest bluegrass tunes you’ve ever heard, but can reduce the number of players to form a duo, trio or quartet – whatever would best fit your needs. But one thing is guaranteed – no matter what configuration you choose, they’ll provide quality bluegrass that’ll have your guests stompin’, knee-slappin’ or dancing all party long.

Cold Creek is one of the most talented bluegrass bands in Utah, playing popular bluegrass hits as well as their own catchy original bluegrass music. There are lots of Utah bluegrass bands around, but Cold Creek is one of the best that the state has ever seen. This accomplished Utah bluegrass music band is in high demand and has toured internationally to enthusiastic crowds. They combine unique arrangements, incredible musicianship and picking, and smooth harmonies to create an original sound that audiences love.

Julussa is best known for their unique and beautiful renditions of Scandinavian folk music, but are just as proficient with bluegrass music. What makes them stand out is their usage of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. It’s similar to a violin, but has extra strings that run beneath the fingerboard, producing echoing overtones that are hauntingly beautiful.

Bluegrass Bands for Utah Events

Green Light Booking offers the most talented bluegrass groups in Utah, no question about it. With award-winning musicians and top-notch family shows, what’s not to love? To see Utah’s best folk bands, check out these wonderful folk music options.