Salsa Bands, Caribbean Bands & Latin Bands

Salsa bands are an extremely popular form of entertainment for weddings, receptions, parties, festivals, community events, corporate functions, and special occasions, and not only among the Latin crowd. Salsa music generally refers to popular Cuban dance music, but can also include Latin jazz. Salsa is comprised of many musical genres including the Salsa, mambo, bomba, merengue, and others, but no matter which type is preferred, they are all popular at parties.

Caribbean, Latin and Salsa Bands

Caribbean bands are another popular entertainment option. Music created by Caribbean bands, sometimes referred to as Calypso music, is not as well-defined as the music you hear from Salsa and Latin bands. The origins of Caribbean music lie in the Afro-Caribbean culture, but are uniquely characterized by influences from Jamaica, Africa, Trinidad, and other cultures. No matter how you define it, the music is fun to dance to. Check out our live Salsa bands, Caribbean bands and Latin bands below. They are all great bands that deliver quality music for events.

Popular Salsa, Caribbean & Latin Bands

Latin Roots is a hot Utah Latin band that has been delivering quality dance music for Latin-themed events for years. They are a great addition to weddings, festivals, community events, corporate functions and special parties, turning events into high-energy dance parties.

The Name Droppers are a trio of highly skilled musicians that can play all styles of music including Top 40, classic rock and pop, soul, and more. The thing that makes them unique is that they can add other specialized musicians to the group and perform easy-listening Latin, Salsa and Caribbean music. Check out the Name Droppers Caribbean video to see a sample.

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