Meet Jagertown

Jagertown Country Band for Hire
Preston Creed - Lead Vocals and Guitar

Preston Creed – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Singing from the age of three, Preston started following his passion in Hawaii, influenced by his parents who were both musicians.  Over the last decade Preston has worked with Grammy winning producer Sir Mix A Lot on his R&B career, as well as recording singles with Pink and Warren G, before joining Jagertown.  Preston’s unique songwriting talent brings a voice developed through great life experiences, excitement, and personal emotions to Jagertown’s music.

Elizabeth “Liz” Anderson – Fiddle, Violin, and Vocals

Born in Salt Lake City, Liz has been successful for nearly two decades in expanding the role of violin and fiddle in music.  Motivated by rock guitarists and funk keyboardists, she has become a big influence in creating Jagertown’s unique sound. Her skills as a fiddle player have been crafted through many years of study, which include two music degrees, with the result being a dramatically different delivery and sound. Her incredible talent and high energy live performances have made her a fan favorite all across the country.

Elizabeth Anderson - Fiddle, Violin, and Vocals
Jesse Brooks - Bass and Vocals

Jesse “JT” Brooks – Bass and Vocals

J.T. was born into a modest musical farming family and began playing drums at the age of 14, later turning to the guitar, and then finally to the bass, and is a driving force behind the band’s energetic performances.  Heavily influenced by classic country artists like Don Williams, Marty Robbins, and Merle Haggard, Jesse’s hard-driving rhythms help give Jagertown it’s exceptional, cutting edge sound while retaining the best parts of traditional country music.  J.T. loves to interact with the crowd and often jumps off the stage to jam with the fans at country music festivals around the country.

Demitri “Meter” Mannos  – Drums

Meter’s first drumming experience was with pots and pans at the age of 3, developing and maintaining a strong emotional connection to the drums. He has a deep passion for and love of music which shows in his on-stage performances. Meter’s extraordinary inflections and never-ending smile elevate every performance; and his fun-loving, peaceful spirit has influenced Jagertown’s music. Meter delivers powerful percussion whether in the recording studio or during live performances.

Demitri Mannos on Drums
Danny Boyd on Lead Guitar

Danny “Danny Boy” Boyd – Lead Guitar

Danny is the youngest of three musically gifted brothers and was surrounded by rock and roll influences throughout his life.  Inspired by musical legends Randy Rhoads, David Gilmour, and Eddie Van Halen, Danny has developed his own unique signature country-rock guitar sound that routinely brings crowds to their feet. His edgy and electrifying solos are always a big hit with audiences.