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Green Light brings you some of the most amazing variety acts you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for unique variety entertainment that everyone will love, you may want to book Matt Baker, Seattle’s Funniest Prop Comic, Kerry Christensen and his unbelievable yodeling, or perhaps a few cirque acts such as stilt walkers, aerialists, jugglers, and fire acts. These variety acts are some of the most requested in the country and are guaranteed to entertain and amaze you.

Amazing Variety Acts and Shows

Matt Baker will have you laughing ’till your tummy aches with his stand-up comedy while simultaneously performing jaw-dropping stunts. World Yo Yo Champion Dale Myrberg will astound you with his tricks and the amazing Cirque Carnivale provides unique variety acts that are simply out of this world.

Incredible Entertainers and Shows

Matt Baker is one of those rare talents that doesn’t come along very often, but when they do, they’re amazing to behold. Matt has performed his funny and astounding routines on Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent, where Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne called him “Funny!” and “The total package!”

The Matt Baker Comedy Juggling and Stunt Show is one of the most requested variety acts in the nation and includes hilarious stand-up comedy while juggling and performing stunts you have to see to believe. Matt can even customize his show to fit your event’s theme. Matt will keep you thoroughly entertained with his hip, energetic, and amazing stunts, and includes lots of audience participation that will have you rolling in the aisles the whole time.

Voodoo Cirque Carnivale is comprised of unusual acts that you just don’t see very often. These amazing variety acts include aerialists, stilt walkers, fire artists, jugglers, unicyclists, Hula Hoop experts, Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts experts), belly dancers, wild west gunfights, pole fitness champions, and many others.

Cirque Carnivale is a complete self-contained show, including a ring master, magnificent costumes (with themes of your choosing), special effects makeup, professional sound and lighting, and of course, amazingly talented performers. Whether you want 10 performers or just one solo act, These amazing performers will put on a show that you won’t be able to stop talking about.

More Variety Entertainers

Our amazing professional juggler is one of the most skilled juggling professionals you will ever lay your eyes on. She delivers great entertainment to any party, festival, fair, corporate event, or other occasion. If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, an entertainer that will wow your guests, invite this world-class juggler to your party.

Yodeler Kerry Christensen is one of the greatest in the world, but his show is so much more than yodeling. Kerry, known as the Rocky Mountain Super Yodeler, certainly includes a lot of hilarious yodeling, but there is considerable diversity in his performance. He is an outstanding musician and singer who entertained for years at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center. He is a world-class musician with a wonderfully unique and entertaining specialty.

Kerry will bring down the house with his singing, musicianship, and of course, his yodeling. Whether it’s blowing his mouth trumpet a la Louis Armstrong, playing the accordion, zither, or Alpine Horn, singing, or yodeling like there’s no tomorrow, Kerry’s show amazes and entertains like no other.

World Champion Yo-Yo expert Dale Myrberg is one of the most accomplished Yo-Yo professionals in the world. He is a Yo-Yo Grand Master, a level that only four people in the world have ever achieved, and was inducted into the American Yo-Yo Association Hall of Fame. Dale Myrberg has traveled the world, performing his amazing Yo-Yo tricks to enthusiastic audiences, often while simultaneously juggling or smacking his paddle ball around.

Dale’s show also includes motivational stories that move audiences to build upon their own successes and achieve their goals. Both old and young alike will appreciate Dale’s words of wisdom as well as his exceptional Yo-Yo skills. Dale has appeared at thousands of corporate events, fairs, festivals, charity events, and schools, where his show is always a hit with audiences.

There is nothing like bringing in a professional bagpiper when you want to celebrate Scottish customs and heritage. Our bagpiper has tremendous performance skills and is the perfect addition to special and solemn occasions such as weddings and funerals.