6 Incredible Utah Wedding Music Options

Adding elegance to a Utah wedding ceremony or reception is as simple as hiring one of our professional wedding string quartets, trios, duos or soloists, or one of our world-renowned guitarists. Delivering an incredible full, rich sound and creating a romantic atmosphere is what our musicians do at every wedding event they perform. Beautiful music helps create beautiful memories.

In addition to our beautiful wedding strings ensembles and acclaimed guitarists, we offer some of the best live wedding bands in the country. If you’re looking for a wedding dance band you’ll want to take a look at Party Crashers and No Limits, two live bands that deliver exceptional music for the highest-profile destination weddings and celebrity weddings.

Wedding String Quartet - Violins and Cello

Beautiful Utah Wedding Reception Music

The instruments in a string quartet are usually two violins, one viola, and one cello, but will sometimes replace the viola with a third violin. However, we give you the option to whittle it down to a string trio, duo, or solo musician depending on your needs and desires. Our professional musicians play wedding music that everyone appreciates: pop, Broadway, and of course classical. And if you’re interested in hiring a guitarist that’ll create an incredibly romantic mood on your special day, there’s nobody better our classical and pop wedding guitarists and singers.

5 Star ReviewThey were awesome! Thank you so much. The songs they played fit the demographic perfectly. We all really enjoyed and appreciated it!” – Melinda Johnson, Franchise Events Coordinator, Direct Energy, Las Vegas, NV

Amazing Utah Vocalists & Musicians Provide Incredible Wedding Music

Sophisticated Wedding Music for Ceremonies & Receptions