Unbelievable Utah Wedding Bands That Always Wow a Crowd

Destination weddings have become extremely trendy in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as in other beautiful cities throughout the state. When you’re looking for the best wedding music bands for a Utah wedding, your only choice is Green Light Booking, offering exclusive wedding entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else. Our exclusive Utah wedding bands are in high demand as they are the premier bands in Utah.

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Best Wedding Bands In Salt Lake City & Park City

For a spectacular destination wedding, Park City boasts wedding venues with magnificent mountain views that rival any other, including the St. Regis Deer Valley, The Canyons Resort, Montage, Stein Eriksen Resort Lodge, and many others. Salt Lake City and surrounding areas offer fabulous venues such as the Grand America, Homestead Resort, Magnolia Grove Reception Center, Arbor Manor Reception Center and Garden, Ivy House Weddings at Western Gardens Downtown, Heritage Gardens, Aspen Landing, Carmelle Reception Center, La Caille, and Chantilly Mansion to name a few. If you’re looking for a Park City wedding band or Salt Lake City band that’ll turn your wedding into a magical memory, check out our exclusive options.

Exclusive Live Bands That Blow Crowds Away

Party Crashers®, No Limits, Metro Music Club, and New Soul Brigade are four of Green Light’s most popular live Utah bands. The Party Crashers® band is one band you WANT to crash your party. They are without question one of the hippest, live performance bands in the country and will rise to even the highest expectations.

Once Utah’s high-energy band No Limits takes the stage there’s no turning back. Lead singer Rachel can energize a crowd with a high-powered rock classic and then ease off with a soft velvety ballad. There is “No Limit” to the amount of fun you’ll have when this wedding music band is invited to the party. They can also add an optional shiny brass section that will ratchet up the fun and excitement of any wedding party.

Metro Music Club is one of Utah’s most popular live bands, comprised of eight professional musicians and vocalists that play Top 40 hits, classic pop and rock, hip hop, reggae, funk, R&B and soul, making them a perfect fit for weddings. As one of the top wedding dance bands in the state, they play tunes that appeal to crowds of all ages. And if you like the sound of a live horn section, you have the option to add a solo saxophone or a three-piece horn section including a sax, trombone, and trumpet.

New Soul Brigade is a fun wedding band that can provide quiet dinner music, but then have the ability to rev it up for the after-dinner action.

Turning ho-hum parties into exciting events is what it’s all about for Music City Groove. Lace up those dancing shoes because once this band takes the stage you won’t be able to sit still.

Synergy is a high-energy group that has put together some exceptional musicians and singers to form one of the hottest new wedding live bands in Utah.

The Uptown Sound Band includes top-notch musicians and exciting, talented vocalists. This is an energetic party band, playing everyone’s favorite Pop, Motown, Disco, Soul, Rock, R&B, and classic dance hits.

When you’re looking for a lively Motown band, a group that plays all the greatest Motown, Soul, R&B, and Retro music, with an amazing horn section, What’s Going On is a great choice. They’re a wonderful addition to any wedding party or reception.

Amazing Party Bands in Utah

World-renowned Paul Cave & The Platinums is one of the most popular and highly sought after swing music bands in the state. Performing tunes made famous by such singers as Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, and Michael Buble, this hot delivers quality music you haven’t heard in decades.

Club Rock delivers a continuous flow of dance hits all party long. If you’re looking to give your event a big boost of fun and energy, this exceptional group will not disappoint.

If you’re a jazz lover, you’re going to find Hot House West totally irresistible. Playing American jazz standards from the 1930s that were made for swing dancing, and playing them in their own unique, gypsy jazz style, Hot House West always leaves a lasting impression.

The incredible Aaron Ashton Gypsy Jazz and Folk Music Band is an award-winning group that boasts proficient, studio-quality, state champion musicians. They perform many styles of music including folk, Americana, Gypsy jazz, Celtic, Irish, Romanian traditional folk dance, Eastern European, and swing music; all in their own inimitable style. This is one hot group to say the least. Their music is positive, upbeat, and always appreciated by crowds of all ages.

When you’re in the mood for some sophisticated and beautiful live music, the Lounge 40 easy listening band is a great option. Comprised of top musicians and singers, this talented group is the ideal addition to any event or party.

Best High Profile Live Bands in Utah

Live music helps make wedding events unforgettable. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event and hiring one of the best Utah wedding bands adds a touch of excitement that cannot be duplicated with recorded music. The combination of a top band and an elegant Utah wedding venue is the beginning of a memorable wedding event.

Green Light offers the best live bands for weddings from Utah, ready to turn your special day into a magical occasion. Our award-winning Utah party bands create moments that will forever be remembered and cherished. Green Light makes booking the top bands easy and fun.