Live Band vs. DJ at your Wedding

One of the biggest wedding celebration decisions you will have to make when planning your big day is whether to hire a live band or go with a DJ.

While there are many pros and cons to both, making the final decision will hinge several different factors including budget, personal preference, the style of music you want, and more.

If you are selecting your wedding music and are still on the fence about a band or DJ, knowing the pros and cons and what you will get from each option will help you make your final decision.

Pros to a Live Band

Nothing matches the atmosphere and overall vibe of having a live wedding band. The more traditional and nostalgic feel provides you with a more relaxed atmosphere.

With the ability to interact with the crowd more, a live band can gauge what the audience’s overall energy level is and play their music accordingly.

Cons to a Live Band

While the overall feel and experience of having a live band is fun and exciting, this option is not without its negative aspects for your wedding.

One of the biggest ones is the limitation of music available to you. Live bands typically have a limit of songs they know and can play on your wedding day, making it crucial for you to pick out the perfect style of band if you want the music you are really after.

Live bands are also usually a bit more expensive which can be difficult for couples on a budget.

Professional Wedding and Party DJ

Pros to a DJ

If you decide that a live band isn’t the best option for you, having a DJ is the next best alternative for your musical needs on your wedding day.

The biggest pro to having a DJ is the wide variety of songs and styles of music you have access to.

If you hire from a DJ agency, these companies will typically have upwards of 10,000 or more songs for you to choose from. If you are looking for very particular music to use for your first dance or have a dream list for the upbeat dance floor, a DJ is a great way to go with their extensive list of original versions of songs.

Cons to a DJ

Just like there are downsides to a live band, a DJ also has a few of its own setbacks.

If you go the DJ route, do your best to find one with an upbeat and interactive personality. A DJ that falls flat in this department can make it difficult to improvise on awkward moments or changing the tempo when the crowd needs something new.

Whether you choose band or DJ, be sure to see both in action before making your final decision so you know what you are getting.