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Do you want to hire the best and most exciting band for your party or event? Then you need to ask yourself one question: Does the live band I want to hire get lots of repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients and party guests? In other words, will clients or event guests hire the band a second time after seeing them perform live the first time? Only incredible live wedding bands and cover bands get hired again and again by event planners, clients, and guests, and Green Light Booking’s exclusive live music bands get hired repeatedly by satisfied clients.

Once party planners book a premier Green Light band, they never want to look anywhere else for a band again, because they know quality when they see it. Some live bands for hire look great in their promo videos, but their live performances leave a lot to be desired. Don’t get stuck with an inferior band just because their video looks good. Green Light’s incredible bands are live performance experts that always wow crowds. If you’re planning an important event or party, and only the best will do, your only choice is to book a band from Green Light Booking.

Incredible Bands to Hire for Parties

Party Crashers® is one of the hottest bands on the planet, performing for the biggest and most important events from coast to coast and beyond. When they were hired to play for Mardi Gras a few years ago the band was told that no group is ever booked two years in a row for this huge event. But after the band crashed the famous New Orleans party the first time, and once the Mardi Gras bigwigs saw the extreme crowd reaction, the band was brought back a second year, and then a third year.

The highly acclaimed Liquid Blue Dance Band has stunned crowds in all corners of the world. They have received some of the most prestigious awards for their exceptional talent and shows, such as the award for “America’s Best Dance Band” at the National Music Awards, and “Best Cover Band” at the San Diego Music Awards. They even have a top 10 Billboard hit. If you’re worried about what music group to hire for your important corporate event, wedding, reception, celebrity party, or special occasion, your worries are over: this is one incredible group.

No Limits is in demand for some of the biggest parties on the planet, including Harry Connick, Jr’s Mardi Gras party. Crowds all over the world, as well as high profile event planners, are going crazy for this hot band. When you’re looking for high energy excitement, No Limits will not disappoint.

Metro Music Club is another of Green Light Booking’s top tier music groups. This hot 8-piece band, featuring three artist-driven vocalists, receives nothing but rave reviews and repeat bookings. Typical comments you’ll hear after a Metro Music Club gig are “this is the only band I am ever going to hire again,” or “they are the best band I have ever seen in my life!” With unbelievable vocals and musicianship, their live sound is truly incredible.

Hire Live Bands that Wow Crowds

Crowds are going crazy for New Soul Brigade as they pump out hit after hit with energy and enthusiasm. Again, once clients see this white-hot dance band in action, they hire them again and again. The secret is out, if you’re looking for high energy dance music, New Soul Brigade is a winner.

Music City Groove is one hot group that always excites a crowd. They’re an exceptional group that has it all: tremendous singers and musicians that are as visually appealing as they are talented. And nothing but gushing reviews and repeat bookings from happy clients.

Synergy and Club Rock have incredible musical talent, loads of energy, play dance hits that keep crowds on the dance floor, and deliver shows that include a whole lot of choreographed dance moves and personality. Get ready to burn holes in your dancing shoes, ’cause there’s no slowing down once one of these bands takes the stage.

When you’re looking for a band that’ll add loads of fun to the party, Uptown Sound is a great option. With energetic shows that pump out one favorite dance hit after another, this popular group is a smart choice for all types of events.

Audio House is another hot Texas band. If repeat business from satisfied clients is the litmus test for determining whether or not a live performance band is truly great or not, then this extraordinary band passes the test with flying colors. Event planners and clients continue bringing them back time after time for their important events, knowing they’ll deliver what crowds expect, high energy shows that leave guests raving.

America’s Best Live Bands for Hire

When it comes to live bands for hire, these potent bands consistently outperform the competition. Green Light Booking has exclusive relationships with these phenomenal bands, and if you want to book them for a corporate event, celebrity party, or special occasion, you won’t find them anywhere else. We book the best bands for celebrity events, no matter what the price. Plus, due to their extreme popularity it’s best to book them as early as possible before someone else does. Be the hero at your next event or party and bring in a band that’ll have your guests thanking you for months to come.