Matching Your Music Style to Your Wedding Theme

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the music you have for your reception. Whether you hire a professional DJ or put together your own playlist with iTunes or Spotify, your musical style should say a lot about your personality as well as the overall setting and feel of your wedding itself.

If you are putting together your wedding, but struggling to decide what your musical genre should be for the post-ceremony festivities, here are a few ideas to make your reception as fun and special as possible.

Match Your Music To the Venue

If you can’t quite figure out what kind of music to play to celebrate your big day, one of the best ways to properly set the tone for the evening is to match it up to the venue you are having your festivities at.

Are you having a destination island vacation? Playing some local or other tropical music is a great way to keep the mood light and letting everyone take in the scenery and atmosphere.

Perhaps you are having a more traditional wedding in a church or some sort of grand hall in town. Sticking to the traditional ballroom music is a great way to keep things formal and elegant. From orchestra background music to your famous hits from crooners like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, you and your guests are sure to enjoy the nostalgic formal style.

Match Your Music to Your Personality

There are always a few songs many people expect to hear at a wedding or simply happen to pop up at every wedding you go to for an entire summer. What if you aren’t a fan of the classics or listen to the Top 40 radio hit that everyone does their first dance to? Sticking to your own musical personality should take precedence over being traditional with your musical choices.

Are you a fan of alternative rock or country music? Load up your playlist with hits from your favorite bands, no matter if the crowd is familiar with it or not. You are the star of your big day, so be sure to select the music you are going to enjoy dancing to and listening to throughout the day.

Wedding Music Style

Match Your Music to Your Heritage

Another great way to settle on your musical choices for the big day is to select music that is in line with or pays tribute to your historical heritage. Does your family history hail from another country? Selecting ethnic music that honors where your family came from is always a classy and elegant option.

Maybe your family comes from the southern part of the United States. You can’t go wrong with a wide selection of classic and popular country music from that area. Paying tribute to family history is a great option for more intimate weddings that adds just another special layer to your big day.

What musical genres do you like to hear at weddings? What did you play at your wedding? Be sure to let us know down in the comments!